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Rashid Kevin Johnson's details

Greetings everyone -

I finally got the re-assignment details for Kevin (Rashid) Johnson. Perhaps this is old to many of you, but for those who were not apprised of the Virginia (Inter-State Compact) arrangement to ship Rashid out to Oregon, as I was not until only last week, he is at the (O.S.P.) Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem as I thought he might be; but along with 36 other potential states available in their (Virginia's) "compact" program - anything could happen one could imagine.

I've just written a postcard to check in with him, and y'all can do the same when
you can at:

Kevin Johnson,
Oregon State Penitentiary,
2600 State Street,
Salem, OR. 97310

BTW: He still retains the VDOC #1007485, so when contacting Richmond;
keep that in mind.

Note: I tried to check the (ICOTS) Interstate Compact Public Web Portal for more information on conditions with contract prisoner's freedom of movement etc. but the program isn't giving anything using either state's DOC#'s. Have to presume that what Terry Glenn at the VDOC's Interstate Compact department told me is correct - he struggled for an inordinate amount of time over the phone going through e-mails while I was on the line - so now I am feeling dubious - until further notice.

Anyone can feel free to followup on me to confirm at:
Terry Glenn - (804) 674-3131 (ext. 1531) in Richmond or;

Karen Potts (his counterpart in Oregon) -
(503) 378-6188 in Salem.

She referred me to Glenn for details, but he wasn't forthright what his custody conditions are; just crap like depends how he adjusts - or to that affect.

(See attachments)

Central Texas ABC

Oregon State Penitentiary

Professional Visit Guidelines

Professional visits (i.e., attorney, state and/or local agencies, other public or government agencies, psychological evaluations, etc.) with inmates must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at (503) 378-2445.

When scheduling an appointment, please have the following information available:

· Inmate’s name and SID number

· Provide the names of all persons attending the visit (i.e., attorney, investigator, law clerk, etc.) All visitors will require a background check as noted below.

· Date and time you wish to visit during visiting hours.

General Population Visiting Hours: 7 days a week 7:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

IMU/DSU Visiting Hours 7 days a week 7:30 a.m., 8:40 a.m., 11:20 a.m.,

12:30 p.m., 1:40 p.m.

Notify staff when scheduling an appointment if you need to bring electronic equipment or materials in for your visit. Computers, tape recorders, testing materials, etc. may only be permitted with approval of the facility superintendent or designee. You may be asked to put your request in writing explaining the need for the item(s).

If you are a first time professional visitor, the following information is needed to conduct a background check prior to your first visit. Background checks will be updated periodically. Please provide the following information for all professional visitors attending a visit:

· Full legal name

· Date of birth

· States lived in in the last five years

· Organization work for, i.e., law office, state agency, etc. (you may be asked employment verification prior to a visit)

Professional visitors will need to present credentials/identification when checking in for a visit (i.e., bar card, driver’s license, agency ID, and letter of introduction from employer, etc.). An attorney would need to present their bar card and valid picture ID (driver’s license). A DHS worker would need to present their agency ID card and driver’s license. Law clerks would need to present their driver’s license and letter of introduction from their employer. Letters of introduction may be required at the time of scheduling for law clerks.

Attorneys and representatives from other criminal justice, state or local agencies may be permitted to bring necessary documents or paperwork into the visiting room/area for exchange with the inmate with prior approval of visiting staff. No more then a ¼” of paper is allowed to be exchanged with an inmate during a legal visit. All articles will be searched for contraband. No other items are permitted to be exchanged with an inmate. For example, no pens, no envelopes, no CDs, no books, etc. can be exchanged with an inmate.

Please note that no blue denim or inmate like attire is allowed to be worn by visitors. This includes blue dress shirts, t-shirts, etc. Inmates wear blue denim and light blue chambray shirts and dark navy blue t-shirts. For the safety and security of everyone it is recommended that blue not be worn. Please keep all metal to a minimum as the metal detector is sensitive. Underwire undergarments, steel supports in shoes, a large number of metal buttons on an outfit, etc. will set off the metal detector. If your clothing is determined to resemble inmate like attire or you cannot pass the metal detector, you will not be allowed access into the facility.

Professional visitors are expected to follow the same rules as general visitors as outlined in the Rule on Visiting (Inmate). This rule can be located on our web page at

Legal telephone calls may be scheduled when a professional visit is not possible. Contact Transitional Services clerical support at (503) 378-4013 to schedule a legal call. If the inmate is in special housing, your call will be referred to that housing unit for scheduling. Please be prepared with the following information when you call to schedule:

· Name and SID # of inmate

· Date and time for call (have a alternate date available as well)

· Expected duration of call

Please keep in mind that we have a total of two telephones available for legal calls for over 2000 inmates. Inmates can contact their attorney’s office using the inmate telephone system. Inmate calls to attorneys whose telephone numbers appear on the legal call list will not be monitored or recorded by the department. The legal call list includes the official telephone numbers of all attorneys registered with and provided to the Oregon State Bar Association. Numbers not registered as the official number for an attorney’s office and called on the inmate telephone system are subject to monitoring.

Legal telephone calls are for legal purposes. Personal business/discussions are not considered legal in nature. Call forwarding, three-way or conference calls are prohibited. A complete copy of the Rule on Telephone (Inmate) may be obtained from our web page at:

When sending legal mail to an inmate, only paper documents are authorized. Legal mail received directly from the original source shall be authorized up to three inches thick. To qualify for special processing, legal mail must have affixed to the addressee side of the envelope the words “LEGAL MAIL.” The words “LEGAL MAIL” should be set apart from both the return address and the mailing address and should be of sufficient size to permit easy recognition by staff. Inmates are not authorized to receive CDs in the mail. CDs found in legal mail will be forwarded to the Legal Librarian for processing. Special arrangements can be made with the Superintendent’s Office to drop off large amounts of legal material for an inmate. The materials will be searched for contraband prior to being given to the inmate. Please ensure the inmate’s name and SID # are clearly labeled on the materials. The Rule on Mail (Inmate) does not apply when dropping off large amounts of materials. Staff will use the utmost discretion when searching the materials for contraband. A complete copy of the Rule on Mail (Inmate) may be obtained from our web page at:

If you have any questions regarding professional visits/telephone calls/legal mail, please contact the Penitentiary’s Executive Assistant at (503) 378-2678.

This information is intended as a quick reference and does not cover every aspect of the rules. To be completely familiar with Department of Corrections’ rules you should review the rules in their entirety.

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