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Switzerland: Letter from Silvia, Costa, Billy, and Marco on hunger strike May 1 to 28

May 3, 2011 by Gabriella Segata Antolini
from culmine, translated by War on Society:

From May 1 to 28 we undertake a new hunger strike on relays of seven days
each, as a new joint initiative to provide continuity for the links and
relationships already intertwined with other strikes and many initiatives
of solidarity and struggles outside of prison, and also in response to
attempts by the Swiss Federal Prosecutor and by international repression
to denigrate, isolate and stamp out the struggle.

Attempts that will always be in vain in the face of our determination not
to break the thread that binds ourselves to you comrades outside but
instead continue to weave together, as part of the revolutionary movement,
the movement of Earth and Animal Liberation.

A year ago, the beginning of the enormous catastrophe BP-Deep
Water-Horizon confirms the principle of technoindustrial society that its
technological remedy to the technological disaster will always be worse
than the disease that it claims to cure, adding instead to one destruction
another greater destruction. In this case the chemical agent of secret
nanotech composition with unknown consequences experimentally sprayed in
huge quantities in the marine environment.

A secret composition like that of the chemical released at high pressure
along with sand and water deep underground for the, thanks to new
technologies, gas drilling or oil shale extraction, which is to say, not
more of the natural gas in large bubble on the way to depletion, but more
of the gas content in a myriad of bubbles contained in the clay-like shale
layers. With easily-imagined disastrous consequences such as earthquakes
and further chemical pollution in surface water and groundwater.
Emblematic is the proliferation of corporate advertising in the media for
gas as a green energy that with Fukushima have replaced those for nuclear
energy as clean energy…

And images of northern Japan have entered our homes and our cells with all
of the impressive force of an unimaginable event.

The indomitability of the natural element lays bare in its entirety the
anthropocentric presumption of technological-scientific progress and,
along with the lives of thousands of people, swept away in one afternoon
all of the certainties of urban society.

Everywhere around us, science, business and governments have shaped the
existent, placing us all in suspension on an artificial self-regulating
scaffold that is anything but solid: namely, industrial-technological

Over thousands of years of civilization, it is now condensing into its
most total and global expression which is multinational capitalism, to
whose harmful effects and illusions we are all forced to entrust our
lives. With the stupid arrogance that throughout history has marked every
dominant power, it cannot afford any questioning of itself and the present
into which we are forced. Open to alterations, albeit always false
solutions, only if they can reinforce its legitimacy, but that can not
continue to reproduce in a continuous spiral whose circles are
increasingly asphyxiating shrinking around us. Where the internal bio- and
nano-technologies of this spiral that is detrimental to the system itself,
are not simple and additional technological developments among many, but
are the key technologies with which the whole edifice on which we are
deported far away from our natural world is restoring and, inside of the
techno-industrial spiral, representing the ring of the chain that goes to
close the steel circle of dominion over our life and everything that

Where the profitability-concern of the owners and of the multinational
corporations is not so much that the masses must become dominated by
material progress, but about the “limits” of this world. Then comes the
need to obtain new materials, new materials and substances with new
properties, new forms of energy production, new and ‘improved’ plant and
animal species, new food applications, industrial and medical applications
obtained by the manipulation of life and of matter. Innovations that, as
with all the key innovations of civilization, are born out of military
needs for imperialist war to the outside and inside the trinity of
conquest, control and exploitation.

War, now more than ever, transcends the military field and has expanded
its front, in fact, to every expression of the living and the material
from the macro to the nano and even beyond the planet itself.

Thus every productive sector is invested in these technologies, but no
longer content with the narrowness of the research labs is
transforming–even after it transformed along with space into one deadly
and sickening landfill–the entire planet into a laboratory, a new living
world–or rather a dying, engineered one.

Not–as the great “greenwashing” campaigns of media terrorism and state
want us to believe–to solve social and environmental disasters arising
from the system, but always and ever to reproduce this system of
domination and exploitation with the end of completing once and for all
the techno-industrial complex enclosure.

Through this initiative we want to convey a specific revolutionary
anarchist environmentalist sentiment, which leads us to confront with
interventionary priority biotechnology, nanotechnology and nuclear
research as harmful pillars on which the system goes on recomposing
itself. That is why we take this opportunity also and above all to call
for a renewed fight against genetic engineering and in particular to its
continued diffusion, as articulated by the EFSA in Parma as a required
step, to the GMOs in Europe, supported by multinational chemical and
agro-food, which points to the liberalization of GM crops. This too is
part–a critical part–of the attempt to extend total and absolute control
and domination in all biological processes (such as the social and
economic through nanotechnology/information technology), reducing the
living being to a mere aggregate of genes to shape to the convenience of

Struggle that does not pass by delegating to always-complicit experts or
politicians, but by organizing initiatives and acting widely to stop this

With this strike, we reiterate our desire to remain active players in a
larger long-term path of struggle, tearing down walls, barriers and
borders and renewing the power of active complicity with all those who
fight against oppression by man of man, of woman, of other animals and of
the whole earth!

Unconditional complicity and solidarity with the rebels who on February
7th opposed the death transport in Val Susa!

Unconditional complicity and solidarity with/to the five comrades seized
April 6th, 2011 and to all hit by this latest repression based on the
fascist articles of association of Italy!

Solidarity with/to the social guerrilla comrades held hostage in Greece,
Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and everywhere in the world!

Solidarity with/to the comrades of the “bombas case” frame-up and four
Mapuche political prisoners, all on hunger strike and all hostages of the
fascist state in Chile!

And to all the revolutionary prisoners held hostage of the social war here
in Europe as in America and elsewhere in the world!

And last but not least, a warm revolutionary greeting to the comrades
meeting this May 1st here in Zurich and elsewhere in Switzerland, where
the convergence of them in particular is known very much, where we, as
prisoners and revolutionaries, are known very much also in the strong
international participation and mobilization against repression and for
the release of our revolutionary prisoners!

With solidarity in motion, repression will not stop our struggle! The
passion for freedom is stronger than any authority!

On the first of May, from Swiss prison

Silvia, Costa, Marco, Billy

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