Friday, May 06, 2011

Fire To The Prisons #11/ Spring 2011

Announcing the release of FTTP #11/ Spring 2011

A pdf of our most recent issue can be downloaded for free on our website at:

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of the magazine in its
properly printed form, please contact us for information on distributing in
your area at:
firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

We are always free to people currently incarcerated or recently released
from prison.
We also are completley free for all prisoner fund raising projects or groups
that make literature available for free to prisoners.

We will only typically ask for our postage expenses to be taken care of
unless you are a for-profit book store, book distributor, art gallery, and
so on. In this case we will ask for a mandatory donation for your order, or
attempt to arrange a consignment deal of some sort, depending on your

Here is the T.O.C:

What is the point?
Pg. 3
On Building Dangerous Bonds
Pg. 5
Days of Rage
On Spreading Conflict in the Arab World
Pg. 10
Often Compared to a Prison
Pg. 28
Southern Appalachia:
On the On-Going Struggle against M.T.R
Pg. 30
Against Justice//Against Peace
Follow Up on “Justice: A Dead Word”
Pg. 33
On the Obstacles Before Revolt
Pg. 39
Notable Failures in Justice
Pg. 57
Chronology of Prisoner Resistance
Pg. 59
The Strike!
On the Recent Strikes in Georgia’s Prisons
Pg. 63
Japan: The End of a World
Pg. 66
Foreseen Migrant Unrest
Pg. 69
Wake Up//Meet Each Other
Links to Other Projects
Pg. 73

Agitating till the grave,
Janice G. - FTTP P.R.

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