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This is some information from a California prisoner 's recent communique and request
sent to me:

Bro. Kijana Tashiri Askari (s/n M. Harrison)
CDCR#H54077, Pelican Bay State Prison (SHU) Unit D-3,
P.O. Box 7500, (D3-122)
Crescent City, CA. 95531

Bro. Kijana Tahiri Askari has won a law suit settlement with the CDCR this
past January 13th, but needs community help from all quarters to ensure that
the State of California CDCR Director, and Unit-Level Officials, will abide by
the Settlement Agreement.
On April 6th, 2011 - he filed a motion to "compel compliance" and the judge
followed that up by ordering response from the CDCR by a May 24, 2011 deadline.

We've all seen these settlements given short shrift by prison systems time and
time again, when they try neutralizing a civil action by blatantly dishonoring
or ignoring it, but this California Department of Corrections &
Rehabilitation's obsession with their "gang activity labeling" has gone way
over the top on their mail policies, contraband policies, and restrictions of
standard Black Cultural/(Black August) Literature and subsequent racial
profiling at the notorious PBSP's (SHU).

Kijana's Settlement Agreement and Judges' Order IS very specific, that the
Director and CDCR agree to review and change it's mail policies on
"contraband" and "gang activity" within 60 days (now closing in on 90 days),
in particular, on the issues of BLACK AUGUST; George Jackson; New Afrikan
Revolutionary Nationalism (N.A.R.N.); The New Afrikan Collective Think Tank;
and the New Afrikan Institute of Criminology 101.

The Director of the CDCR has NOT complied with the settlement as yet which
initiated this motion and order. So, for these legal maneuvers to hold the
CDCR to come correctly 'round to the "letter" of the agreement, Bro. Askari
asks that the prison support communities step up and give these court efforts
the substantive massive push behind him and on behalf of the beleaguered
(SHU); with letters of support to this motion and court order.

Send letters or phone calls to:

Attn: U.S. Northern District Court,
Northern District of California,
c/o Judge Nandor J. Vadas,
P.O. Box 1306,
Eureka, CA. 95502
(888) 684-8852

Attn: Deputy Attorney General,
c/o Michael J. Guinn,
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite #11000,
San Francisco, CA. 94102
(415) 703-5726

Note - The objective of each and every phone call and/or letter needs to be:
Allowing the People's Voice to be Heard,
and that we Oppose this Injustice!! I know this is particularly important for
family members out on the coast.

Interested parties may also go to, to check a
published article by Kijana entitled: "California -
Confiscation of Prisoner's Mail may violate First Amendment." It also gives
more information on his lawsuit.

He also has a second lawsuit pending that is based upon similar issues, and,
in addition to the systemic fascist practices of political persecution that
Askari is being subjected to and predicated on his political beliefs; letters
of support are encouraged to be sent to:

Attn: U.S. Northern District Court,
Northern District of California,
c/o Judge Susan Illston,
450 Golden Gate Avenue,
San Francisco, CA. 94102

In Re Marcus L. Harrison v. D.E. Milligan; et al. - Case No. C-09-4665-SI.

To read the actual case, log onto (

With that I bid you peace and real freedom! Dare to struggle dare to win!!

Kijana could also use some moral support too at this time, so if you've any
inclination to write him a quick letter of encouragement, I am sure it will be
warmly received; he's an honest clear-thinking individual.

Bro. Kijana Tashiri Askari,
(s/n M. Harrison), CDCR# H54077,
P.B.S.P. - Unit D-3,
P.O. Box 7500, (D3-122/SHU),
Crescent City, CA. 95531

In Solidarity,

Central Texas ABC

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