Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 2 of Peoples Justice Conference at Los Angeles Trade Tech College, Sun 5-15, 10am-4pm

If you came to Day 1, you know what terrific workshops on community
control over police, juvenile justice, social reintegration and civil
rights for formerly incarcerated people, FBI-grand jury repression of
human rights, labor and solidarity activists, and self-defense were
held. If you missed it, you don't know what you're missing. Come on
out for Day 2, Sunday May 15 from 10 AM to 4 PM at LA Trade Tech
College, 400 W. Washington Blvd. corner Grand Ave in downtown LA, in
the cafeteria and adjacent classrooms. You'll be glad if you do --
for more workshops on police-ICE attacks on migrants, a People's
Trial of the state for human rights violations against political
prisoners, stopping homeless sweeps and the Safer Cities Initiative,
exposing corruption and abuse in the probate courts, Know Your
Rights, how to sue the police and win, and the Stop Car Confiscation
(vehicle impounds) Campaign, and a wrap-up plenary on on-going
actions and alliance building around issues related to the criminal
"justice" system, the cop, courts and lockups, the prison-industrial
complex. Come and bring a few friends for a powerful day of
analyzing, strategizing, and unity building for effective ongoing action!

After you get motivated and inspired at the conference, head on down
to KPFK to volunteer on the fund drive. KPFK is the media sponsor of
the Peoples Justice Conference -- something no other station in LA
would dream of -- and GrassrootsKPFK, an alliance of human rights,
labor, anti-racist and peace activists who want to make sure KPFK and
Pacifica remain true to the mission and air grassroots voices of
communities in struggle for survival and a better world, played a key
role in initiating the conference, which has brought together a
diverse coalition of Black, Brown, Asian, indigenous, and
European-descent people committed to solidarity in the common
struggle for justice and an end to oppression. See at Trade Tech, at
KPFK, and in the trenches!

--Michael Novick

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