Monday, October 11, 2010

Write letters of support to Khimki hostages!

Goal of repressions is to isolate its targets from the remaining movement.
Thus it is very important to support contact with arrested comrades - even if
you did not knew them personally, letters may raise spirits in difficult
times of imprisonment.

You may write letters of support for Alexey and Maxim through e-mail address
helphimki gmail com, or P.O. Box of Anarchist Black Cross of
Moscow - P.O. Box 13, 109028 Moscow Russia.

In our website, there is also a list of other prisoners from region of former
Soviet Union we support:

You may read more about background of the case from section of our website.

Anarchist Black Cross Moscow
abc-msk A riseup D net
P.O. Box 13 109028 Moscow Russia

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