Monday, October 04, 2010

Pavel Delidon released from prison!

Anarchist and animal rights activist from Russia, Pavel Delidon was released
from prison 27th of September, after doing 3.5 years in prison for an attempt
to gather back wages his former boss owned him.

Below a message Pavel passed to Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow:

No Pasaran!

Yesterday I was released from captivity. I did my three and half years, every
single day, and was not considered to be entitled for an early release. I
feel awesome, my head is going round and round, have to get used again to
many things, I am behaving like a wild man who encountered civilization. It
will take time under I will be again myself, get used to the new situation.

My prison term was not an easy one, I was beaten up by the screws, I was in
the hole 7 time, but hopefully from SUS (Special detainment conditions - one
of the disciplinary regimes inside prison - translator) I was saved by the
comrades who reacted quickly when I was in trouble. Poetry and books send to
me provided me strength during the whole length of my sentence. And I could
maintain my vegetarianism.

My original sentence was 4.5 years, but was reduced by one year, due to
efforts of anarchists and my lawyer. Our struggle is giving real results,
together we are strong. Now we have to commit all our efforts to save Lyosha
and Max (Alexey Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov - translator).

I had a serious struggle with screws, and wrote a good deal of poverty. I had
all the time good relations with other prisoners, wish them health and
liberation as soon as possible. My parents and my sister were supporting me
all around the way.

Thank you for everyone, who was supporting me.

Write to me to

Pavel Delidon

(In Russian section of our site, there is also a poem he wrote to everyone who
was supporting him:

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