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Prisoner support in 1970s movements: Wed 10/13 NYC

Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010

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Join the editor & contributors to the new book
The Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism (just
published by Rutgers University Press) at
Freebird Bookstore for a conversation focusing on
the importance of prisoner support in the
left-wing social movements of the 1970s.

Panel will feature editor Dan Berger and
contributors Vikki Law, Andy Cornell and Matt
Meyer. This is the Brooklyn booklaunch for The
Hidden 1970s and will have a prison-related
focus. The book will be available for sale from the authors at this event.

Bring a paperback dictionary and/or small
contribution towards postage costs for Books
Through Bars, who send books free to people in
prison across the country. A tour of the BTB work space will follow the talk.

When: Wednesday October 13 @ 7:30PM

Where: Freebird Bookstore, 123 Columbia Street,
Carroll Gardens/Red Hook Brooklyn. Map:

F to Bergen St., walk down Warren, left on Court,
right on Kane, to Columbia St.
Or take 2/3/4/5 to Borough Hall, down Court to Kane, Kane to Columbia.
Or take B61 bus right to Freebird.

More about the book:
The 1970s were a complex, multilayered, and
critical part of a long era of profound societal
change and an essential component of the decade
before—several of the most iconic events of
“the sixtiies” occurred in the ten years that
followed. The Hidden 1970s explores the
distinctiveness of those years, a time when
radicals tried to change the world as the world changed around them.

This powerful collection is a compelling
assessment of left-wing social movements in a
period many have described as dominated by
conservatism or confusion. Scholars examine
critical and largely buried legacies of the
1970s. The decade of Nixon`s fall and Reagan`s
rise also saw widespread indigenous militancy,
prisoner uprisings, transnational campaigns for
self-determination, pacifism, and queer theories
of play as political action. Contributors focus
on diverse topics, including the
internationalization of Black Power and Native
sovereignty, organizing for Puerto Rican
independence among Latinos and whites, and
women’s self-defense. Essays and ideas trace
the roots of struggles from the 1960s through the
1970s, providing fascinating insight into the
myriad ways that radical social movements shaped
American political culture in the 1970s and the
many ways they continue to do so today.

About the Editor:
Dan Berger is the author of Outlaws of America:
The Weather Underground and the Politics of
Solidarity and the coeditor of Letters from Young Activists.

Learn more about volunteering or donating to
Books Through Bars at , or keep up with our events on facebook.

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