Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman from Moscow

Today, on 20th of October near the Embassy of Bulgaria in Moscow was
organized a picket in support of Jock Palfreeman. In the picket
anarchists, antifascists, leftists and members of Autonomous-Action
Moscow took part.

Members of picket showed their solidarity with 23 year-old Australian
by unwrapping the banner: "There is no borders between people, between
cultures and races!" and poster: "Drop absurd charge against Jock
Palfreeman!" and shouting: "Freedom to Jock Palfreeman!", "No to
judicial despotism!", "Self-defense isn't a crime!", "There is no
borders between people, between cultures and races!", "No nazism!",
"No to fascism of all hues: from gateways to authorities!", "Fascism
will fail!", "All people are equal, there is no the one, who is "more
equal", than others!", "Until we are united, we are invincible",
"Solidarity is our weapon!"

During the picket cops invented innovation: to type name and surname,
date of birth and registration address of picket's members, in
response to this people protested. Confrontation with threat of
detention lasted for several minutes and then, prostrate cops had to
go away. No other provocation came next.

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