Monday, October 04, 2010

Police Brawl With Squatting Ban Protesters

Saturday October 02, 2010

Katie Cassidy, Sky News Online

More than 100 protesters have clashed with police in Amsterdam over new legislation outlawing the once-respected Dutch tradition of squatting in unused buildings.

Several people, including two officers, were injured and 11 people were arrested after bricks and bottles were thrown at police and cars.

Mounted police were called in and tear gas was used to control the crowd.

Shortly after the intervention, the demonstrators dispersed.

The squatting ban is thought to affect an estimated 1,500 people, down sharply from the 1980s when Amsterdam was home to about 20,000 squatters.

Amsterdam's local authorities have plans to clear some 200 buildings which squatters still use, as part of a general plan to enhance the city's image.

Bloodied protester in Amsterdam

A bloodied protester is led away by an officer

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