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Russian state expertise said that words of the late left-wing lawyer Stanislav Markelov are "extremist"

Andrey Kutuzov, Tyumen State University reader and anarchist, who is
suspected of public calls for extremist action (felony in Russia), was
finally given a copy of expertise of his books and other materials, seized
during search at his flat. An expert of criminal lab of Federal Security
Service (FSB) in Sverdlovsk region Svetlana Mochalova, in particular,
analyzed article "Patriotism as a diagnosis" by Stanislav Markelov and
several other articles published in the Avtonom magazine No. 31. Based on
this analysis, the expert concludes that the magazine "contains information
of extremist orientation - namely, forceful change of constitutional order
and violation of the integrity of the Russian Federation, inciting of
social discord, violation of liberties and legitimate interests of people
and citizens according to their social class".

Full text of the expertise

Quote from an article by Stanislav Markelov "Patriotism as a diagnosis"
illustrates the following statement by the expert: "Mostly in the
material under analysis we find negative assessment of something towards
which action should be taken, namely - authorities in contemporary Russia"
(pp. 14, 15). The text of "Patriotism as a diagnosis" has been published on
many sites, including the website of Markelov organization - Rule of Law
Institute - and is included into book of collected articles by Markelov,
released this May.

We give here the excerpts from the text, where the expert found "extremist

"We should not make difference between patriotism and nationalism.
Great-power calls from high chairs turn to be nationalist pogroms in the
streets, and when those who used to be communists, zealously attend
churches, it provokes obscurantism and medieval madness.

This is not just silly authorities. People with no future are angry with
everything and ready to express their anger. The authorities make profit
with channeling this anger towards poverty-stricken foreign workers, and
not towards thievish expensive cars stuffed with the rich.

The authorities are afraid of burning "Mercedeses" because they drive them
themselves. It is easier to grieve because of another nationalist
massacre, simultaneously pushing unhappy people towards this way. They are
only temporary figures, their task is to make profit and to hold power.
They sacrifice people like monetary change, throwing patriotism drug in
exchange for their own security and prosperity"
(Avtonom magazine, No.31, Autumn 2009, "Patriotism as diagnosis" article)

Another striking statement by Svetlana Mochalova is that the phrase
"Fascism is an element of the Kremlin puppeteer policy, which authorities
need for provocations and show campaigns" (Avtonom magazine, No. 28) can be
considered a call for inciting social discord due to the fact that the
author used "a form of semantic folding" (p. 12). Also, the expert states
that the appeal "Do not serve!" applies to military and alternative
service, although the word "alternative" is not even present in the
materials (p.18).

In addition to the Avtonom magazine No. 31, the expert declared to be
extremist two leaflets, one poster, four magazines, a newspaper and a
brochure, all of them being publications by anarchist organizations and
movements. Expert conclusion is not final - the decision whether to
recognize the materials as extremist or not, should be taken by the court.

Meanwhile, Interregional Human Rights Association "AGORA" (they defend
Andrey Kutuzov) initiated a comprehensive independent expertise in one of
the state universities of Russia. In order to avoid pressure on the
experts, they do not specify the name of the university.

Andrey Kutuzov (supporter of "Autonomous Action") is suspected of
producing and distributing leaflets with extremist appeals against police
officers. Kutuzov himself argues that the leaflet had been faked.

Details of Andrey Kutuzov case (

News service of the movement "Autonomous Action"

Additional Information:

in Tyumen: +7-912-078-9908 (Andrew Kutuzov lawyer, Alex Ladin),
+7-922-265-7064 (Andrey Kutuzov)

in Moscow: 8-926-206-93-72 (News service of the movement "Autonomous

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