Thursday, July 15, 2010

Call out for submissions/suggestions to a new distribution project and Fire to the Prisons Issue #10

Fire to the Prisons magazine is currently compiling a list of titles to
re-publish or publish for the first time, in book, pamphlet, or magazine

We are curios in getting recommendations, submissions, or ideas of new or
old titles to pump back into the world.

In terms of content, we are looking for a message that communicates nothing
less then the complete disdain for the conditions of everyday life under
capitalist society. We are interested in exploring ideas and dialogue that
suggest a desire to immediately challenge and break away from all forms of
domination; political, economic, social, or technological.

We hope to have a fully stocked, and up and running distribution by this
September. Until then we will be waiting on your submissions or
recommendations, as well as researching different texts, and re-designing or
publishing older titles.

Additionally, we are planning on having Fire to the Prisons Issue 10 out by
this fall.

The deadline on submissions will be early September, but either way, if you
are interested in contributing something, please let us know before hand to
assure our interest, or whether or not we will have the space.

We will be prioritizing more in depth analysis of specific events of
rebellion, as opposed to listing isolated incidents of sabotage and so on
(making things more worthy of paper).

We will also be continuing our repression news and prisoner resistance
chapters in a separate format that will be distributed COMPLETELY for free
to prisoners and anti-prison/political prisoner support projects on its own.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of this separate project,
let us know, so we can keep you up to date as it comes along.

If you are interested in distributing Fire to the Prisons issue 9, copies
are still available.

To submit any of the multiple things mentioned above, or to become a
distributor, please email:

firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

Solidarity with comrades in Toronto, Asheville, and the Bay Area!
Fire to the Prisons!

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