Sunday, July 04, 2010

Marie Mason placed in solitary confinement

On Thursday (July 1) Marie Mason was placed in solitary confinement. Her cell is very small and windowless, and since then she has only been allowed to stand outside (in a small cage) for under an hour, in total.

She cannot send email and can only make one phone call a week. She has also
lost access to the vegan food she was buying from the commissary, and so she
has an extremely limited diet.

She has been told that she has been "re-classified", although exactly what
this means is unclear. They may be preparing to transfer her.

Mason can still send and receive letters. However, she asks that supporters
do not send pictures at this time.

We encourage all supporters to write her and keep her spirits up:

Marie Mason #04672-061
FCI Waseca
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093

Marie Mason was sentenced to 22 years for two acts of
environmentally-motivated property destruction in which no one was injured.
She is currently serving the longest sentence of any of the Green Scare
prisoners. For more information on Marie Mason, see

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