Thursday, July 22, 2010

ABCF's Plain Words, Issue #2 is Now Out!

The ABCF publication, Plain Words, issue #2 (formally known as the ABCF Update)
is now out! It is one of the few publications designed specifically for
news/articles about and from political prisoners and prisoners of war in North
America. The present issue has the following items:

Updates about:
• Michael Pawlak
• Sundiate Acoli
• AETA 4
• Mutulu Shakur
• Asheville 11
• Reykjavik 9
• Renata Zelazna
• FBI Harassment of former ABCF members

Articles About:
• 15 of the ABCF Federation
• Lynne Stewart Sentenced to Ten Years
• Herman Bell Denied Parole
• Marilyn Buck Freed
• Carlos Alberto Torres Freed
• Running Down the Walls 2010
• Three Anarchist Arrested in Ottawa
• G20 Arrest in Canada
• RNC 8 Statement on the G20
• Belgrade 6 Free
• Nikos Maziotis on Hunger Strike
• Atenco Prisoners Free
• Dirty Protest in Ireland for Political Status
• and much more!

Our new publication, Plain Words, Issue #2, is now available to download on our
website at: In Solidarity

"Give flowers to the fallen rebels with a glance turned toward the new dawn"-
(old anarchist hymn)

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