Monday, November 08, 2010

Fire to the Prisons #10-Winter 2010-2011//Out Now!

Fire to the Prisons Issue #10 is available now to order in printed
form or be downloaded online.

We are continuing....
Time to get it out there!

Download Issue 10 and back issues in PDF format on our website at:

The specific link for the PDF of issue 10 is:

We encourage any and all re-distribution of the magazine by others!

To order fancy printed copies with glossy covers and nice interior
paper please contact firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

To speed up the ordering process here are some helpful hints before writing us:

1)Fire to the Prisons is 100% free to all those currently in prison.
This includes postage and everything!

Someone does not have to be in prison to request a copy of the
magazine though. If you have a friend, relative, or loved one who is
currently in jail, a juvenile detention center, mental institution,
boarding school, prison, house arrest, or even work release program,
and you think they should check it out, feel free to contact us to
request a copy for them as well. We will most likely be willing to
apply the same deal.

2)Fire to the Prisons is not free to bookstores, universities,
for-profit distributors, or curios wealthy people/artists.

It is a 3 dollar suggested donation for single orders, plus 1 dollar
for 5-10 day postage delivery.

Bulk Distribution pricing is as follows:
Up to 5 copies: 3 dollars each
Orders over 5 are 1.50 a copy up to 20 copies.

All magazines after the first 20 copies are 1 dollar each.
Postage on bulk orders (more then 5) will be determined in our correspondence.

Paypal is our preferred and quickest way of payment. But we do accept
well concealed cash, and BLANK money orders as well, but please figure
out something that will work on paypal. More details on payment
methods will be explained to you when writing us.

3)While Fire to the Prisons is 100% free to all people currently in
prison. Fancy copies are also 100% free to anyone who requests them.
But due to the obscene amount of money spent on postage last issue, we
will be requesting postage payments for not-for-profit orders as well.
This does mean free magazines, but not free postage! Although we are
willing to take into account people who can not afford postage but are
very interested in distributing this publication. With that said, if
your interested in becoming a bulk distributor, or in receiving a copy
of this publication due to limited computer access, and have a
complicated situation that really prevents you from being able to
afford postage, please mention it and we will work with you. Postage
payments will be determined based on the quanity needed and location
of where you will be receiving them, so please begin your email or
letter requests mentioning both of these things, to speed up the

As mentioned above, especially for something like postage
reimbursement, paypal is our most preffered method of payment! And it
should be understood that you do not need a paypal to pay paypal. You
can use a debit, credit, or if you would like to prevent your identity
from being shown, you can purchase a pre-paid visa or american express
card at most local money transfer offices or pharmacies. You can
purchase these things without an ID and with cash!

So if you work at a soup kitchen, run a school club, bartend at a
speak easy, or are in a position to pass out our publication to people
who might get something out of it, please do not be intimidated to
request copies!

We are not a business or school club, we rely on the help of
distributors and people who are inspired by our magazine to help us
broaden our distribution, both geographically and socially!

Please feel free to write us any love or hate mail at the same email
address for orders.

Solidarity from nowhere to everywhere!

Janice Guattari
Director of PR
firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

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