Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chile - Words of Monica Caballero in solidarity with anti-authoritarian prisoners of the world

Oct. 31, 2010 angrynewsfromaroundtheworld

31/10/2010 - Political prison is a daily act for the Chilean State as for
any other, in that, as the comrades living in the lands dominated by the
State of Ecuador expressed well, "insensitivity to distance is also the
product of the dominant culture that has drawn imaginary lines on maps,
making us feel distant and different."

We must recognise solidarity as a weapon against all States and capital,
we cannot, as anti-authoritarians, fight only the authority that
interferes in the place where we live, because then the enemy would win
another battle.

In the world anyone who dares question the sacrosanct social peace so
loved and enjoyed by citizens, is locked up. All the strange, the sick,
the abnormal, the misfits already have a place reserved between huge walls
where the good workers won't see them and many cameras will observe their
movements. For the inhabitants of these structures of punishment they can
expect the justice of capital, supported by the universal religion of
devotion to democracy and the rule of law.

Anti-authoritarian solidarity must be a constant exercise, which at times
does not neglect the offensive.

Greetings to fellow prisoners for the Animal and Earth Liberation in
Mexico, vegans: Abraham, Socorro, Adrián and Braulio.

A big insurgent hug to the people of the territory dominated by the Greek
State; to Kostas and Nikos, currently on hunger strike. And to all those
who have taken a position in the war against all forms of domination, any
place on the planet.

And to the libertarian, anarchist and punk comrades, inhabitants of the
territory baptised by the Power as Ecuador: your lines and great gestures
came to the ears of this prisoner. I thank you from my heart!!

* To destroy all cages! *
* Prisoners in War free / e *

* * Mónica Caballero, Vegan Anarchist Prisoner
Centre Penitenciario Femenina, Sección Especial de Alta Seguridad, Stgo,
End of October 2010

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