Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Death Penalty Discussion and Courthouse Support for the Dallas 6

Join the National Lawyers Guild for a brown bag lunch discussion on the death
penalty this Thursday, November 11th, in room 118 of the Barco Law Building at
12:00. The discussion will focus on the intersection of
forensic evidence and the death penalty.

Preliminary Hearing for the Dallas 6 on Friday

The Dallas 6 have their rescheduled preliminary hearing this Friday in Luzerne
County, PA.

6 prisoners in the solitary confinement unit at SCI Dallas staged a peaceful protest
by covering their cell windows this past April, and they were punched, kicked,
pepper-sprayed, tasered, stripped naked and left in restraints for hours as a

HRC exposed this atrocity in the report Resistance and Retaliation. Criminal
complaints fied against guards were rejected by the DA of Luzerne County on false

HRC also exposed this incident and others in front of the Pennsylvania House
Judiciary Committee in August.

The DA brought charges against the 6 men for "Riot" following the exposure.

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