Monday, November 08, 2010

Drop the Charges Against Stephanie McGarrah! #OscarGrant

Monday Nov 8th, 2010

We need to raise $500 for her bond!

On November 5, 2010, 152 people were arrested in Oakland, California at E
17th St and 6th Ave, following a protest march in response to the
sentencing of former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle for the murder
of Oscar Grant.

Among them we Stephanie McGarrah who, as one comrade recounts, was "pushed
into a group of cops by a civilian who falsely told them that she had
started a fire. They put her on her back, cuffed her, and took her
belongings before she was arrested so there is no way to link them to her,
including her phone which had all of the contacts she needed. She was
charged with arson and transferred to Santa Rita". She is stuck in Santa
Rita by herself, and has health issues that I am certain the guards are
ignoring and/or making worse.

This page is to keep friends and supporters up to date on the status of
Stephanie's case.

6 people including Stephanie are still being held, and their arraignments
are on November 9th. Please, all who can make it please show up to the
courthouse to show her and the others your support, and your disgust with
these bogus charges! The arraignments are as follows:
Wiley Manuel Courthouse @ 661 Washington Street in Oakland
9am, dept. 107 - 1 person
2pm, dept. 107 - 1person
2pm, dept. 112 - 4 people

Stephanie's bail is set at $5000. The bond is $500. If you would like to
donate something, every little bit helps! Email k [at] if
you are interested in helping her out.

And please "like" "Drop the Charges Against Stephanie McGarrah" on Facebook!

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