Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Victory Against Repression: Carlos Montes Court Case Ends in Victory!

June 5, 2012 Stopfbi.net

Los Angeles, CA - On June 5, 2012 Carlos Montes' criminal court
prosecution ended in a victory for Carlos and the movement.

Carlos Montes' home was raided on May 17, 2011, by the combined
forces of the LA County Sheriff's Swat Team and the FBI, by crashing
his door down at 5:00 a.m., with automatic assault rifles
drawn, almost killing him.. He was charged with 6 serious felonies
with a possible jail time of up to 18 years.

With local and national support, via solidarity protests, call-in
campaigns to President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Holder, local
rallies and protests, and an offensive legal strategy , two felonies
were dropped - this was a first partial victory. However the District
Attorney still stated that they wanted Montes to do at least 5 years
in state prison for the 4 felony charges remaining.

The local and national Committees Against FBI Repression launched a
petition drive and a "Call the D.A." campaign, with phone banking and
a robo call by Carlos to over 4 000 supporters, urging folks to call
District Attorney Steve Cooley. The D.A.'s office was flooded with
calls and letters.

Montes' attorney made several motions to get charges dropped on
various grounds, but the Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected
them. Preparations were made for a trial, knowing well the state
judicial system is not 'fair and impartial.' Montes and his attorney
Jorge Gonzalez got widespread support and media coverage including in
the Democracy Now TV show, La Opinion and the Guardian UK newspaper.

The local D.A. on the case then sought for a resolution and proposed
to drop three additional felonies, if Carlos pled out to one count of
perjury. This proposal included no jail time, three years of
probation and community service. Under advice from supporters,
friends and his attorney Montes moved forward with this proposal.

This is a victory for Carlos Montes and the movement against police
political repression. A trial had the danger of him being convicted
of four felonies with jail time and the additional old felony - a
total of 5 felonies. At this point Carlos is out of jail, will
continue to organize against repression, for public education,
against U.S.-led wars and for immigrant rights. He is already
planning to attend the protest at the Republican National Convention
on August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

Next steps: The local committee with supporters and rank-and-file
members of SEIU 721 will hold a victory party to thank everyone who
worked on this campaign and to help pay off legal expenses. It is set
for Saturday, June 23, 7:00 p.m. Details will follow.

Carlos wants to thank all the people, organizations, unions and
community people who worked and supported him in this struggle
against police/political repression.

The struggle continues to defend the 23 other anti-war and
international solidarity activists who are STILL under an FBI
investigation for showing solidarity with the oppressed people of the
world, especially the Palestinian and Colombian people. Stay updated

Los Angeles Committee to Stop FBI Repression
June 5, 2012

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