Sunday, June 10, 2012

Please Write a Letter for Sundiata Acoli's Parole by June 10

From: Sis. Walidah Imarisha

Former Black Panther Sundiata Acoli goes before the New Jersey state
parole board June 15th, 2012 after 39 years in prison. Sundiata is 72
years old.

Please write a letter in support of Sundiata and send it TO HIS
LAWYER by June 10th.

Below is a sample letter for folks to look at, but please know
personalized letters are far more effective than form letters. Please
look at this for ideas, but write the letter in your own way.

The main points to emphasize are:

- Sundiata is 72 years old - the recidivism rate for elderly
prisoners is almost non-existent therefore he is not a "threat" to
the community

- He has served 39 years in prison - he has done his time

- He has been a model prisoner with a discipline free record

- He has served as a mentor and educator, to young people across the
country, and to young prisoners inside who want to further their education

- He has a strong support system of family and friends

You can learn more about Sundiata and his case at For more
information, email

Do not send letters directly to the parole board. They need to go to
Sundiata's lawyer, so they know all the letters that have come in,
and they can be organized. They need to be received by June 10th.

Letters should be mailed to:



April 27, 2012

New Jersey State Parole Board
P.O. Box 862
Trenton NJ 08625

Dear Members of the Parole Board:

I am writing this letter concerning Sundiata Acoli,
NJ#54859/Fed#39794-066, who is being considered for parole. I am
writing to express my loving compassion and strong support for his release.

Sundiata's age is a strong reason to grant parole. Sundiata will be
73 years old in January. He has been incarcerated for 39 years and he
deserves his freedom because he has served his sentence.
Additionally, elderly prisoners' recidivism rates are extremely low
and they are highly unlikely to commit a crime once released. In
addition, elderly prisoners require more intensive medical care to
remain healthy, which is an added cost to the prison system and taxpayers.

Sundiata's prison record has been impeccable. Not only has he not had
any violations or write-ups in decades, he is a talented painter,
writer and educator. He has worked with high school and college
students across the country, inspiring them to be great leaders and
mentors to others. He also provides support to other prisoners who
want to further their education.

Sundiata is sorely missed by his loved ones and his return to the
community is more than welcome. He has an excellent support system of
family and friends waiting to assist him with his transition.


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