Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two anarchists charged in pre-May Day vandalism

May 21, 2012 Seattle PI

Two Seattle residents accused of vandalizing the Moore Theater and several
other buildings prior to the May 1 protests are now facing felony charges.

King County prosecutors contend Kristin L. Sposito and Brian P. Greenwood
painted anarchist slogans on downtown buildings weeks before May Day, when
black-clad protestors smashed windows around downtown Seattle.

Writing the court, Deputy Prosecutor Benjamin Carr contended Sposito, 32,
and Greenwood, 30, caused about $14,400 in damage during a spray painting
spree in the early hours of April 16. Among their additions to the
cityscape, according to charging documents, were the slogans “Kidnap the
mayor” and “Burn (Expletive) Mayday!” as well as various anarchist

According to charging documents, the vandalism was first discovered at
midnight by a garbage collector working near the Moore Theater.

The man spotted two vandals – since identified as Sposito and Greenwood –
spray painting “General Strike Mayday” and a circled letter A on an alley
wall of the theater, Detective Chris Young told the court. The pair ran as
the garbage collector called 911.

Minutes later, a security guard at an office complex in the 1300 block of
Second Avenue also spotted a man painting the anarchist symbol on that
building, the detective continued. A woman appeared to be acting as a
lookout; both fled after the guard spotted them.

A Seattle police officer patrolling the area stopped Sposito and Greenwood
just before 1 a.m. At the time, Greenwood was wearing a black mask over
his face.

Young told the court that both tried to run from officers. Sposito is
alleged to have dug her fingernails into the hand of one arresting
officer, and was brought to the ground and handcuffed.

Officers recovered two cans of spray paint from Greenwood’s backpack, and
noted Greenwood had bright green paint on his hands, the detective
continued. The paint matched graffiti found at several locations downtown.

The guard and trash collector identified both as the vandals, Young added.

Greenwood and Sposito, both of Seattle, have been charged with
first-degree malicious mischief and third-degree malicious mischief.
Neither is currently jailed in the case.

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