Thursday, June 16, 2011

David House’s Statement on the WikiLeaks Grand Jury

David House is a founding member of the Bradley Manning Support Network. He was
subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury today in Alexandria, VA. House is
among several Boston area residents who have been ordered to testify before the
grand jury, which is investigating WikiLeaks.
House and his lawyer entered the courthouse this morning at approximately 10:00am
ET, amidst a gathering of supporters who held signs with messages of support for
House. The rally also called for government transparency and protection for
whistleblowers — and for freedom for accused WikiLeaks source PFC Bradley Manning.
The prosecution initially attempted to prevent David House from taking notes. This
was the reason for the recess and reconvening at 4:00pm ET. There was no legal basis
for this order, and House was ultimately permitted to take notes.

House was questioned for approximately one hour, beginning at 4:00pm ET. He invoked
his Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent. He read from the below statement at
5:00pm ET in the plaza outside of the United States District Court at 401 Courthouse
Square in Alexandria, VA.
The Department of Justice (DoJ) is attempting to codify a task it started over 40
years ago: the political regulation of journalism. The same climate of intimidation
that surrounded the Pentagon Papers trial persists to this day as the DoJ seeks to
limit the freedoms of the Fourth Estate, using the pretense of alleged violations of
the Espionage Act.
The show trial that is now underway in Alexandria VA has the potential to set a
dangerous precedent for regulating the media. Using Nixonian fear tactics that were
honed during the Pentagon Papers investigation, the DoJ is attempting to dismantle a
major media organization—WikiLeaks—and indict its editor, Julian Assange. The DoJ’s
ever-widening net has now come to encompass academics, students, and journalists in
the Cambridge area. The Administration’s goal is to force these individuals to
testify against this media organization in an attempt to cast its publications and
those of its media partners — the New York Times, the Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le
Monde, and El Pais — as acts of espionage. The government has also violated my
Fourth Amendment rights by executing a warrantless seizure on my laptop in an
attempt to identify, target and ensnare Cambridge-based supporters of WikiLeaks.
It is my conviction that the American people must call for a cessation of the
Department of Justice’s politically motivated harassment.

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