Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terror charges brought against 5 comrades in Denmark

Aug. 19, 2011 Infoshop News

Arson attacks to destabilize the state

Today, after four months of imprisonment we finally heard the charges
against our friends and comrades in the city court. The five who were
arrested the 26th of April 2011 have been officially accused of carrying
out a number of arson attacks against two fur companies, the headquarters
of Nordea bank (the second largest bank in Denmark), the central police
station, the Greek embassy, a police school, and a number of other banks
in Copenhagen. While some of these charges were expected based on previous
police statements, the worst news came when the severity of their charges
were increased from simple acts of arson to official terrorism charges
under the Danish terror laws passed in 2002. The five are being accused of
attempting to destabilize the Danish state and police through these
supposed attacks. They have also been charged with attempted arson and
attacks (which were supposedly never carried out due to their
incarceration) against the parliament building, the queen’s royal guard,
the judicial building, and a fundamentalist christian sect responsible for
the eviction of the youth house in Copenhagen in 2007. The absurdity of
these final charges emphasize the ridiculousness of the whole case and
show that the police are using the case as a political tool. Recent
research by antifascist groups in Denmark has uncovered a secret extreme
right wing group which has many ties to police, the government, nazi
parties, as well as fascist hooligan groups. The police are fabricating
this ‘left terrorist’ group to distract the public from these recent
findings, and to scare them in advance of upcoming national elections. The
five continue to profess their innocence for all of the charges,
especially the most recent and ridiculous allegations.

As anarchists opposed to both prisons and the state, we support our
comrades and friends as they struggle against the state. Because we have
not been able to talk to them freely since they have been imprisoned, and
they have been kept from making public statements, we stand behind them in
their denial of responsibility for these actions, while at the same time
supporting the actions themselves as valid methods of resistance.
Regardless of their guilt or innocence in the eyes of the state, they have
been forced into this conflict with the state and are fighting for their
freedom. We are calling out for direct international solidarity with the

After the results of the court hearing today, the prisoners will remain in
custody for at least the next month, and possibly until their trials.
Their names are being kept out of print at the request of their lawyers,
but know that they are comrades and friends of many people struggling in
Copenhagen. You can write them letters by sending email to, and it will be printed and passed on to one
of the five. Their mail is being controlled along with their visits, so
everything will be read by the police. All of the prisoners speak good
english and danish. As well, all expressions of solidarity are welcome. No
one is forgotten in the struggle against capitalism and the state!

Some anarchists in Copenhagen

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