Monday, August 22, 2011

LA Jericho Black August program, 8-27, 6 PM

The Jericho Amnesty Movement to free all political prisoners will be
holding a Black August commemoration on Saturday, August 27 from
6-9:00 PM at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and
Research, 6120 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles (between Slauson and Gage).

The event will feature conscious entertainment and spoken word, and a
presentation by Comrade LaaLaa of the Black Riders Liberation Party,
who is the National Youth Coordinator for the Jericho Amnesty
Movement, on the recent founding conference in Washington DC, called
by Jericho, of a National Confederation to Free Political Prisoners
and the Unjustly Incarcerated. The conference was held this past
weekend and brought together many groups and organizations that have
been involved in efforts to free political prisoners and
defense/support committees around particular cases, to create a
structure of accountability and concerted action.

The Black August event is free, but a nutritious meal will be
available for a donation, and people will have the opportunity to
write to the political prisoners. A collection will also be taken to
support the ongoing work of the Jericho Amnesty Movement Los Angeles
chapter, which is developing a Family Transport to Prisoners program
for this area, in the spirit of the survival programs of the Black
Panther Party for Self Defense applied to 21st century conditions of
oppression and mass incarceration.

Black August is a month of fasting, study, physical training and
collective development dedicated to martyrs of the struggle and high
points of the resistance in the Black freedom struggle, particularly
behind the walls. There will also be a report on the prison chapters
that are being built which were involved in the recent, and possibly
continuing, hunger strike against isolation torture. There will also
be a report from the state-wide mobilization this week to Sacramento
on behalf of the prisoners' demands. People can also learn about the
upcoming visit of Puerto Rican former political prisoner Carlos
Alberto Torres, who will be in L.A. in October as part of a national tour.

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