Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MILK NOT JAILS needs money

From lorilouroo@yahoo.com

MILK NOT JAILS is now raising money on Kickstarter. Check out our
video and make a financial pledge here today!


MILK NOT JAILS has made significant headway over the past year, and
we are now at a critical moment in our efforts to build a new
urban-rural relationship in New York State. We have mobilized
farmers to help us achieve our political demands and we are working
with them to build a political line of dairy products. We hope to
make significant policy changes in New York and create a new model
for social change that other groups around the country can utilize.

But we need your financial support today to make this happen. Please
make a pledge today to help us get a MILK NOT JAILS delivery truck
and marketing materials. We must raise $22,000 in pledges by August
31, 2011 and we are 30% of the way towards this goal, so make a
donation today and please share this email with your family, friends,
and neighbors.

MILK NOT JAILS comes out of a strong anarchist tradition and hopes to
create not only a theory for how to economically undermine the prison
industry but, with your financial support towards our political line
of dairy products, a real demonstrated economic alternative.

In Struggle,


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