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Political statement from Nikos Vogiatzakis -July athens-greece

August 16, 2011 by actforfreedomnow

Political statement from Nikos Vogiatzakis

On 23/9/2009, at 19.30, while coming out of the house of comrade
P.Masouras we were surrounded by 15-20 people of the anti-terrorist force,
wearing helmets and hoods and aiming at us with their guns, immobilized us
and led us to the cop car. Then a cop speaking on his mobile phone said
“we got them, we are coming.” Ofcourse when we asked them where we are
going and what happened, we got no answer. When we got to GADA (athens
police headquarters) they led us to the 12th floor and put us in two
different offices, where they told us to stand facing against the wall.
After a few arguements and tension the one in charge came in screaming
ecstaticly :”this is how the state fucks” and “we are at war”. Three-four
hours later after his delirium he invited me to his office for a “friendly
chat”. He began by saying that i am a good kid and im getting in trouble
for no reason, that my friend gave me up and all i have to do is tell him
everything i know and then i will be free.

He continued by intensely questioning me about situations i did’t know of.
Because I kept on asking why i am there and to communicate with my lawyer,
he took me to the office i was in earlier.

After a few hours, around 13.00 or 14.00 on 24/9, they announced to me
that i am free and if they need me they will call me again. To my
questions where Panagiotis is and why was in GADA for so many hours, they
replied that Panagiotis is arrested and i will learn the rest from the tv
when i get home.

From there on began a continuous surveillance of the anti-terrorist force
at an annoying level, until the 1st of February, when they arrested me
outside my house. When they led me to the 12th floor, they informed that
there is a warrant for my arrest since the 13th of January which idid not
know of desoite that they knew where i live. The evidence of my
prosecution were a blue plastic bag with a french pamphlet, that were
found in the house on 25 Martiou street in Halandri. When i was led to the
mafioso of the appeals court i was imprisoned with quick procedures. They
told me i don’t have a permanent residence although i was arrested outside
my house. They told me also that i could end up murdering someone with the
books i read.

I was led to prison and was released 1,5 month later. Whoever understands,

In September 2009 cops of the anti-terrorist force raid a house on 25
Martiou street in Halandri. There they find an explosive device in a
closet of one of the rooms in the house. Comrade Haris Hadjimihelakis is
arrested as well as M.G. and M.P. and warrants go out for 6 more people.
Panagiotis Masouras is arrested in Galatsi and is imprisoned. Comrades who
deny the charges are imprisoned with sole evidence a fingerprint in a
house or their friendly and comrade relations. This case has as a target
the penalization of friendly and comrade relations. The arrests of the
comrades and the warrants, were in the frames of dismanteling or causing a
wound to the R.O. C.C.F. in September 2009. They were the desperate
attempts of the government to reverse the the climate for the upcoming
elections of October 2009. After the elections PASOK continued the relay
race and the ministry of public order was taken over by sheriff
Chrisohoidis, who being “experienced” in the matter of “terrorism” (17th
November case, Revolutionary Popular Struggle case) continued his work by
targetizing political spaces. The next step was the 600.000 euro bounty on
comrades (S. and M.Seisidis and G.Tsironis). A move that would tempt a
society thirsty for intrigue and money. The warrants based on this logic,
continue, people get involved in the case without any evidence against
them, even without knowing their co-defendants. The clouzeausof the
anti-terrorist got to the point of claiming that parents of an accused
were members of the RAF, even that her father died in a shoot out with
cops which of course is not true. The media parrots contribute to this.
The circulation of photographs of wanted or arrested comrades like an icon
in the windows of tv-trials and police stations. The arrests, the raids
from the muts of the anti-terrorist force, the dozens of un-confirmed
infromation on the police snitching phone lines, the surveillance. Even
the photographs of personal moments or vacations are publicized in
newspapers from a snitch journalist known for his collaboration with the
police. The specific photographs were part of the court papers and should
not have access to them. The prosedure of information is filtered, creates
wrong impressions, darkening of the truth, partial information of the real
dimention of the events as well as partial use of it.

The reason of my persecution is political. I would be incosistent with my
political beliefs if i was waiting for my vindication through the
democratic prosedures and junta courts, which are set up in the soul
warehouses of the state. As an individual with dignity i do not accept
appeal judges to butcher or nuns prosecutors to agree with the deprivation
of my freedom. I am not a member of the organization of which im being
prosecuted for. I am prosecuted because i believe in the multiform
subversive action and the anti-systemic struggle. I am an anarchist, i
deny the charges, i stand in solidarity to the comrades of the R.O. C.C.F.
and to all the decent prisoners who continue the struggle from inside the

Nikos Vogiatzakis

PS: Nikos Vogiatzakis: Acquitted of all charges due to lack of evidence.
in the first Fire Cells Conspiracy trial (the so-called “Halandri case”),
19 07 2011 athens….


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