Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Leonard Peltier Releases Letter from the Hole

'The Government Wants Me to Die Here'

Aug. 1, 2011 Native News Network

Free Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier

LEWISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - Leonard Peltier, Lakota, imprisoned for the past 35 years, has released a letter from solitary confinement, through his attorney. The letter is posted in its entirety on the website AIM WEST.

Peltier was convicted of killing two FBI agents who showed up on June 25, 1975 at a private residence in Oglala, South Dakota.

In the letter, Peltier writes about his placement in the hole, where he has been since June 27:

"Since June 27 the guards have had me in the hole, a small miserable cell with little air that is dangerously hot. They are torturing me by keeping me in solitary confinement-this is an effort to break and kill me. However, the public pressure being generated by my many supporters and counsel is making a real difference."

He continues that "the government wants me to die here, but I'm not going to."

As the letter continues, Peltier makes a plea for support of his defense fund so that his legal team, led by Robert R. Bryan from San Francisco can have the adequate funds to mount his defense.

True to his strong heritage as a warrior he concludes:

"I believe in the Spirit of Crazy Horse. They have imprisoned my body, but my spirit soars like an eagle. I will never give up, despite the threats to my health and life from this long imprisonment. I am an innocent man and will continue fighting against the genocide of my people."

To read the letter in its entirety, go to AIM West »

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