Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Six anarchists in Belgrade have been acquitted

Infoshop News June, 16, 2010

Belgrade/Serbia - Today Belgrade High Court acquitted a group of six
anarchists from accusations that they caused a general danger with trewing
molotov cocktails at the Embassy of Greece, because the prosecution had
not been proven. "The basis for acquittal is the legal, not political. It
is not proven that the accused committed the crime," said the judge
Dragomir Gerasimović. Belgrade six are free and innocent, the judge
decided. Ratibor Trivunac, from Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative, said after
the verdict that the state has failed to break anarchist movement.

Judge said in a brief explanation of the verdict that there is no evidence
that Ratibor Trivunac, Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Mitrović, Ivan
Savić, Sanja Dojkić and Ivan Vulović caused a general risk
throwing three Molotov cocktails at the Greek amabsade building last

"My personal belief is that this is a consequence of the fact that this
process would be lost in a higher court, whether in Strasbourg or
somewhere else. In any case, authorities did not want to allow themselves
to make for them even bigger damage about compensation which they would
have to pay. They would have now surely to pay to all of us for six months
we were sitting in custody without any basis", said Ratibor Trivunac.

The original indictment charged the six anarchists for international
terrorism, but this was later changed. However, members of
anarcho-syndicalist initiative have spent almost half a year in custody.

Therefore, in addition to claims for custody, they announce criminal
charges against all participants in the story of international terrorism,
from the first man of Serbian Prosecutor Slobodan Radovanović, over
all members of the judicial council to the investigative judge.

"The trial has confirmed what we already knew, that this country kidnapped
us for political reasons and kept us in jail for 6 months. For total of
six of us we have been in prison more than 1,000 days," said Tadej Kurepa.

"They showed us now 'we can keep you 6 months without any evidence', which
is seen in court, the only thing they were not allowed to do because it is
so clear that there are no grounds. They didn't dare at the end to condemn
us, but they did what they wanted - they kept us 6 months in jail with no
contact with friends. What they didn't achieve is to break our
organization", said Trivunac.

The first next steps of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative will be publishing
of the book in which shall be, according Ratibor Trivunac, find all
documents from the trial. As he says, it will show that the trial against
them was politically motivated and mounted.

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