Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drop All the Charges Against Opi and David

by OpiDavid Defense Committee ( OpiDavidDefenseCommittee [at] )
Tuesday Jun 22nd, 2010

On Friday evening, June 11, two young revolutionaries, Opi and David, were
arrested by police in East Oakland. These youth had committed no crime. In
fact, they were part of a people’s patrol to witness, call out, and stand
up to any actions by the police against the people. They were legally
observing police activity to be sure that no illegal or brutal actions
were carried out. While observing, they were unjustly and illegally cuffed
and arrested for exercising this legal right, on behalf of the people’s

Every day, in the barrios and ghettos of this country, Black and Latino
youth, immigrants, and poor whites are brutalized by the police, and their
basic rights violated. They are stopped, searched, detained, cuffed-- or
even killed-- with no good reason or probable cause other than being young
and Black, or Latino, or immigrant, or simply living in communities like
East Oakland where the police routinely act as judge, jury and
executioner. All of this is illegal and illegitimate.

Police brutality is epidemic. What Opi and David did was right and should
be supported.

We Are All Aiyana-Stanley Jones!
We Are All Oscar Grant! We Are All Brownie Polk!
This is an attack on the people! The people must respond!

Speak-out and March
Friday, June 25 starting at 5 pm
71st Avenue and International in East Oakland

What YOU can do:
* Copy and distribute this flier everywhere, text your friends, post on FB
and MySpace
* Call Mayor Ron Dellums (510) 238-3141 to protest the illegal the action
of the Oakland Police
* Call Alameda County Nancy O’Malley (510) 272-6222 and Matthew Golde of
the Juvenile Division(510) 667-4470 to demand that no charges be filed
against Opi and David
* Attend a meeting of the OpiDavid Defense Committee at 4 pm on Sunday
June 27 (place TBA)

The days when this system can just keep on doing what it does to people,
here and all over the world… when people are not inspired and organized to
stand up against these outrages and to build up the strength to put an end
to this madness… those days must be GONE. And they CAN be.

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