Friday, June 18, 2010

Eddie Conway prevented from attending mother's funeral

Thank you all for your support! As you may know from responses that
you received from Secretary Maynard, Eddie was unable to attend his
mother's funeral service. Many of you were told that he would get a
"special" visit with family.

Ronald Conway, his son called the prison, and after he was
disconnected several times did finally speak with someone from the
warden's office who informed him that the "special" visit was limited
to people who are on his regular visiting list, or from out of town.
He was told however that the visit will take place in a "private"
room away from the visiting room.

Eddie still has not been informed about the "special" visit by anyone
in the prison. He is doing fine given the circumstances, and we will
share with him the various letters and messages that were sent on his
behalf. Also, there will be regular postings on wordpress concerning his case.

The same energy and momentum that we were able to muster around this
situation needs to go into seeking his freedom. His co-defendant Jack
Johnson was released last month, and so it is time to bring Eddie
home as well. The time is overdue.

Peace and blessings to you all,

Friends and Family of Eddie Conway

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