Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Announcing the 16th Annual Anti-Racist Action Network Conference: July 22nd-25th 2010 Portland, Oregon

Announcing the 16th Annual Anti-Racist Action Network Conference: July
22nd-25th 2010 Portland, Oregon

Rose City Antifa is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 16th
annual Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network Conference in Portland, Oregon from
July 22 to the 25, 2010. The conference will include ARA's annual plenary,
caucuses, and discussion on current issues facing antifascists. We are also
organizing several workshops and social events that will be open to
non-members. We hope all ARA members as well as anti-fascists who agree
with our four Points of Unity will join us in July!

Workshops will be on a wide range of subjects including:
-The Far Right and the Ecology Movement
-Anti-Semitism and Holocaust-Denial
-White Supremacy and the Police
-Anti-Racist Organizing in Rural Communities
-Left-wing Anti-Semitism and Left/Right Overlap
-Anti-Fascist History
-And several more…

Check out our website——-over the next month for updated
information regarding location, schedule, and public events.

Please note that only Network-affiliated chapters will be allowed to
attend the plenary. If you are a part of a non-affiliated chapter or
collective that wants to become affiliated with the ARA Network, please
contact the organizers to receive registration materials. All friends of
ARA are welcome and encouraged to participate during the rest of the
weekend. We hope that you will come and add your voice to the movement!

If you are new to anti-fascism, please come and learn from our experience
and help us open our eyes to new possibilities.

If you are a former member of the Anti-Racist Action Network, please come
and get back in touch with us.

If you are an unaffiliated chapter, come to the conference, meet other
antifascists and take the opportunity to learn more about ARA and the
benefits of joining the Network.

Please mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us in Portland for
our annual conference!

In solidarity,

Rose City Antifa, the Portland chapter of the ARA Network
contact: fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net

Anti-Racist Action Network website:
Rose City Antifa website:


1. We go where they go: Whenever fascists are organizing or active in
public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from
them. Never let the Nazis have the street!
2. We don't rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us: This doesn't
mean we never go to court. But we must rely on ourselves to protect
ourselves and stop the fascists.
3. Non-Sectarian defense of other Anti-Fascists: In ARA, we have lots of
different groups and individuals. We don't agree about everything and we
have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an
attack on us all. We stand behind each other.
4. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do
the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism,
sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, discrimination against the disabled, the
oldest, the youngest and the most oppressed people. We want a classless
free society. WE INTEND TO WIN!

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