Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on Jalil Muntaqim

NYC Jericho

Three of us went to Attica on Saturday, January 14, 2012 to visit
Jalil. We had an excellent visit and have a brief update from Jalil.

First of all, he thanks everyone who took the time to make the calls
to Superindent Bradt and Commissioner Brian Fischer.
The most important thing he wants people to know is that on Friday,
January 13th, at 1 p.m. all Muslims were searched while on the way to
Juma. The COs took Korans and threw them on the ground during the
search in a blatant attempt to provoke a confrontation, but "nobody jumped."

Also, Jalil's Tier 3 hearing for "unauthorized organization" was held
on January 13th in the morning. Jalil requested that Sergeant Cochran
of Gang Intel be a witness, as he was the officer who processed
Jalil's possessions when he arrived at Attica, but the Sergeant declined.

Jalil showed Officer Krumph, the hearing officer, the programs from
the Cetewayo, Shasha and Karim Memorials, all of which have BPP/BLA
logos, and asked why these items had not also been confiscated if
they are considered to be "gang material."

Jalil also requested Counselor Schiffer as a witness. Jalil
reiterated that, if these items had been approved by the mailroom,
there was no reason for them to subsequently be considered "contraband."

Officer Krumph proceeded to call the correspondence dept., and the
officers there informed him that, since correspondence had approved
the mail, there was no reason why the photos should have been
confiscated in the first place.

The hearing has now been postponed until sometime this week, as
Officer Krumph is to interview Sergeant Cochran and Counselor Schiffer.

As always, Jalil sends revolutionary greetings to the righteous at heart.

NYC Jericho

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