Sunday, January 08, 2012

Support the Cuban 5 Visa Campaign

The Power of the People will win this victory!

Due to the U.S. government's denial to approve visas, Gerardo
Hernandez Nordelo and Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert have not seen their
wives since their incarceration!! Others in the Cuban 5 have not seen
their parents, wives and children with regularity. The U.S.
government has taken prolonged periods of time to issue them visas.

The U.S. government's denial of visitation rights is a cruel and
horrible form of psychological torture. Their rationale for denial is
ridiculous and baseless; none of these family members are a threat to
national security.

We are asking people to fax or mail out this letter to Ms. Navanetham
Pillay, The NEW High Commissioner of Human Rights of the Office for
Human Rights-United Nations Office at Geneva. We are asking her to
intercede on behalf of the Cuban 5's mothers/wives to pressure the
U.S. government to grant them VISAs to visit their husbands/sons!!

Download the Letter

Sign it and mail/fax to:

Ms. Navanetham Pillay, High Commissioner of Human Rights
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights-United Nations
Office at Geneva
8-14 Avenue de la Paix 1211
Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: + 41 22 917 9011

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