Thursday, January 26, 2012

Socialist International supports self-determination of Puerto Rico and the release of Oscar López Rivera

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

San Juan, Jan. 25 (INS).- The World Council of
the Socialist International, which just met in
Costa Rica, adopted a resolution supporting the
self-determination of Puerto Rico and the release
of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera,
according to today's report from the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP).

PIP spokesperson, Calixto Rivera Negrón,
explained that the resolution of the Socialist
International (SI) endorses the current call of
the United Nations Special Committee on
Decolonization that the General Assembly examine
the colonial case of Puerto Rico and the demand
for the release of the Puerto Rican patriots in
United States prisons, in particular López Rivera
who this year will have served 31 years behind bars.

The SI, the oldest and largest organization of
political parties in the world, also endorsed
efforts led by the PIP leadership to grant the
Puerto Rican independence movement observer
status in the recently created Community of
States of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC, by its Spanish initials).

Leaders of social democratic and socialist
parties from every continent attended the meeting in Costa Rica.

The PIP was represented by a delegation comprised
of its president, Rubén Berríos Martínez; former
senator and executive president Fernando Martín;
the candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, Juan
Dalmau, and the candidate for resident
commissioner in Washington, Juan Manuel Mercado.

Former senator Berríos Martínez is the honorary
president of the Socialist International.

Internacional Socialista favorece autodeterminación de Puerto Rico y excarcelación Oscar López Rivera

Por InterNews Service
Publicado: miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

San Juan, 25 ene (INS).- El Consejo Mundial de la
Internacional Socialista, que acaba de sesionar
en Costa Rica, emitió una resolución en apoyo a
la autodeterminación de Puerto Rico y la
excarcelación del prisionero político Oscar López
Rivera, informó hoy el Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP).

El portavoz del PIP, Calixto Rivera Negrón,
explicó que la resolución de la Internacional
Socialista (IS) respalda el llamamiento vigente
del Comité Especial sobre Descolonización de
Naciones Unidas para que la Asamblea General
examine el caso colonial de Puerto Rico y el
reclamo por la liberación de los patriotas
puertorriqueños en cárceles de los Estados
Unidos, en particular López Rivera, quien cumplirá 31 años de presidio.

La IS, la organización más antigua y grande de
partidos políticos en el mundo, respaldó además
las gestiones que encamina el liderazgo del PIP
para que se otorgue el rango de observador al
independentismo puertorriqueño en la Comunidad de
Estados de América Latina y el Caribe (CELAC), de reciente creación.

Al cónclave realizado en Costa Rica asistieron
dirigentes de partidos socialdemócratas y socialistas de todos los continentes.

El PIP estuvo representado por una delegación
integrada por su presidente, Rubén Berríos
Martínez; el exsenador Fernando Martín,
presidente ejecutivo; el candidato a la
gobernación de Puerto Rico, Juan Dalmau, y el
aspirante a delegado en Washington, Juan Manuel Mercado.

El exsenador Berríos Martínez es presidente de
honor de la Internacional Socialista.


José M. López Sierra said...


We need to work together to decolonize Puerto Rico and free Oscar López Rivera. Join 2 peaceful protests until it is accomplished!

Un abrazo,

José M. López Sierra said...

Not true that there are 3 political status options for Puerto Rico

The United States (US) government has made Puerto Ricans believe that there are 3 political status options for Puerto Rico. That is a lie. The purpose for that is to have Puerto Ricans fight amongst themselves. The plan has been a huge success! Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States for 116 years, and judging by the 80% voter turnout in the colonial elections, the majority of us has not realized that we have been lied to.

In reality, there is only one option. The United Nations (UN) in 1960 determined that colonialism is a crime against humanity. Therefore, the only thing that Puerto Rico can do is to become her own nation. That means that the US must give Puerto Rico the sovereignty that the US illegally took away from her by virtue of the July 25, 1898 military invasion.

Thus far, the US government has ignored the 33 UN resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico. Instead, it has tried to hide these petitions, and at the same time appear to believe in democracy by pushing for plebiscites so that Puerto Ricans could decide between colonialism, being a US state, or independence (decolonization as required by the UN).

The problem with the US pushed plebiscites are that they:

1. don’t comply with international law that prohibits a nation to have a colony.
2. don’t comply with international law that requires the empire to give the sovereignty it illegally took away to its colony.
3. don’t comply with international law that requires that to have free elections, that country must be free first.
4. have 2 options that are not permitted by international law- continuing being a colony and becoming a state of the country that has the colony. For the option of becoming a state of the country that has the colony to be considered, the colony must first become her own nation (decolonized).

This is why we have to peacefully protest 3 times a year until the US government complies with the UN resolutions for Puerto Rico decolonization.

José M López Sierra