Thursday, January 26, 2012

Report on Carlos Montes court day hearing of January 25, 20012

Today there was an extremely serious development in Carlos' case. LA
County Superior Court Judge Lomeli denied the motion to dismiss the 6
felony charges, setting the stage for trial later this year.
Prosecutors have stated in the press that Carlos may face about five
years in prison. The fight is on!

Today we had a good turnout of support with people who packed the
courtroom. Carlos and his attorney had presented a motion to drop the
charges on the grounds of insufficient evidence. Specifically
challenging the state's claim that Carlos has a felony conviction
from his 1969 persecution for leading a student strike demanding
Chicano/a Studies and Black Studies at ELA College. During the
student strike of Chicano and Black students, the LA County Sheriff's
Department invaded the college campus during a rally. The Sheriffs
confronted students beating and arresting some. Carlos was arrested
and charged with assaulting a Sheriff's Deputy. The legal record does
not support the DA contention that Carlos has a felony conviction.
The DA and court continue to move forward with this unjust
prosecution based on a 42 year old case. This is really about Carlos'
deep and long involvement in the antiwar, migrants' rights and
solidarity movements that challenge US empire. Carlos needs your support!

The state via the DA and Judicial system wants to put Carlos in jail
for his political activism. We need to continue to build on the
support Carlos has and get ready for a full trial, where Carlos
believes that a jury of his peers will find him not guilty, but we
have to fight!

The next court date is February 8, were Carlos and team will continue
the discovery process on the Sheriffs to get ready for trial! Please
see our web site for further details on time and location for an
emergency meeting in Los Angeles, on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

Committee to Stop FBI Repression
(626) 532-7164

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