Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ronald Bridgeforth to enter plea Tuesday, Nov 22nd - 9 am - Redwood City

Ronald Bridgeforth will be entering a plea in court Tuesday, November
22nd at 9 am in front of Judge Novack. The hearing is in the Redwood
City Superior Court - second floor - 400 County Center.

More than four decades after jumping bail, a 67-year-old college
counselor walked into a Redwood City courtroom Thursday, November
10th and said he planned to accept punishment for opening fire on
South San Francisco police officers in 1968.

Ronald Stanley Bridgeforth pleaded no contest to assault with a
deadly weapon in 1969, but fled before sentencing. Bridgeforth
recently made bail, set at $25,000.

Speaking briefly during the hearing in San Mateo County Superior
Court, Bridgeforth said, "I guess I've come back to face the
consequences of my actions."

Ronald at 20 years old left college to go to Mississippi where he
registered voters for over a year, where he was chased by a mob,
threatened with death, and briefly arrested by Mississippi police
when he went to the station to pay a ticket. He went to San
Francisco where he organized for SNCC, bringing Fanie Lou Hamer to
the bay area to speak, and acting as Stokley Carmichael's bodyguard
when Stokley spoke to various colleges and organizations here in the bay area.

In the last 40 years he worked his way up from a custodian to getting
a Masters degree in Counseling. He has been a respected and beloved
counselor and teacher at a community college in Michigan for many years.

The California Attorney General's office recently dropped murder
charges against him in the killing of police Sgt. John Young at San
Francisco's Ingleside Station on Aug. 29, 1971.

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