Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Request for information on cases/complaints

To: marschall.smith@dora.state.co.us
From: kthimmes@aol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011

Ref: 2012-001413 B
Perotti v. Pa. Brod. Cink PA2568
Perotti v. R. Gupta and M. Andreis

Dear Sir,
I am making the following inquiry on behalf of John W. Perotti, inmate #39656-060 at
USP Florence:

1) What are the case numbers for the complaints Perotti filed against
a) Dr. R. Gupta, physician, USP Florence
b) RN M. Andreis, nurse at USP Florence
c) Nurse's Aide M. Scamardo, HIT office at USP Florence?
These complaints were filed with the Colorado Medical Board over 30 days ago. No
notification of receipt nor case number has been been issued to Perotti.

2) What is the present status of Perotti v. P.A. Brad Cink, Case no 2012-001413 B?
Why hasn't Perotti received a copy of the medical license of Mr. Cink (lic no. PA
2568), nor any disciplinary recommendations or reports per Public Records Act on Dr.
Gupta, nurse Andreis or M. Scarmado?

3) Can any physician work on federal land for the BOP and NOT be subject to
Colorado Medical Board Rules, law or statute? Does this mean that ANYONE can
practice medicine on federal land and NOT be subject to Colorado law?

Kindly see that Mr. Perotti receives the responses to which he is entitled, and
please send me an email reply so I am apprised as well.
Thank you.

Karen G. Thimmes
Columbus, Ohio

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Anonymous said...

I have been trying to reach John. .
My mother was Sharon Sapp. .
I lost contact shortly after she died. .
How do I find the address