Saturday, December 04, 2010

MPLU-founder & Anarchist Prisoner Jerome White-Bey is in the hole again!

Parole Letter for Jerome

Central Texas ABC Dec. 4, 2010

After a long period of no disciplinary cases, this one is so non-specific with the
available current information and is as unreasonable as most of the others since
I've known him.

Brighton ABC and Central Texas ABC have been working hard over the past 6 months to
get them to comply with their own medical conclusions that he needed Interferon
Therapy for his Hep-C liver/damage, which requires transfer to a facility that
performs it, for a period of 6 months, if I recalled right the time for treatment.
In late July and early August they now conclude that, his diagnosed hypothyroidism
condition would have an adverse reaction to the Interferon drugs.

He's been taking the Thyroid medication since June, when we were told it would be
about 2 months for his Thyroid to normalize (Enthyroid), but it's been at least or
over 4 months since then; he states he hasn't been to visit the doctor in he doesn't
know how long - so how the hell would they know if he's become stabilized!

Now, this contrived issue, that could possibly be nothing more than a benign meeting
he had with a person about gang pressure put on the guy to join a gang where he
worked; Jerome is an experienced mediator and organizer; so I'm presuming before I
get more answers from him - that this was innocuous enough on the face of it but
also has the smell of administration orchestration.

Dare I say "set-up"?

I've asked him if he had any history with this guy who was slapped around by
the"alleged" gang members, who approached Jerome on a referral to ask if he could
help. Eastern Regional Diagnostics Care Center (ERDCC) also brought up a bogus
14-name "enemies list" when he arrived there 3 or more years ago, which we
successfully discredited after a painstaking letter writing effort and affidavits;
so all these little trips are in the backs of their heads all the time to isolate

I want all friends of Jerome's to write a short letter to:

MDOC Regional Medical Director Dr. Conley,
2729 Plaza Drive,
P.O. Box 236,
Jefferson City, MO. 65102

Ask the doctor to check into why it's taking twice the time normally for Jerome's
Thyroid to respond to the Thyroid medication to stabilize it; especially if he
claims he hasn't had an intake to see a doctor in a long time - and add that his
transfer to begin the Interferon Therapy must happen immediately if it shows the
hypothyroidism is in check. (their excuse true or not is that Interferon has adverse
effects on a hypothyroid condition) He should recommend that he be released from the
hole while this so-called investigation is run.
But, I caveat all that with, he was scheduled for parole (December 2009) at the
height of his decline in health last fall, which would have allowed him access to
better care on the outs, so it's illogical that they wouldn't want to cut him loose
to avoid any medical expense on him, which is so prison-like; but now it's other
unfathomable reasons to stall the next step in treatment. (See: attachment with Dec.
2009 letter-writing campaign for parole reference - and update if you want to)

Also, I don't know if he is actually out of the hole yet pending this non-specific
investigation they won't disclose to him
on what it is, he has only two ideas; the treatment pressure we've exerted over this
past year and or this contact with another prisoner.
In the 11/14/10 letter to Brighton, he must have been put in the hole the second
week of November; and had a cold at the time and was in a cold cell. If anyone
understands a little about the Endocrine system, it's a very highly tuned system
that can be thrown out of balance further when subjected to these conditions; which
is also baffling - unless rather then release him they'd promote his demise.

Another person to contact at the facility is a health services administrator:

Ms. Chandler, HSA/ERDCC,
2727 Highway K,
Bonne Terre, MO. 63628

And lastly, most of all, write Jerome to help him through this ordeal,
or send a birthday card on December 28th to:

Jerome White-Bey,


Download a parole letter for Jerome

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