Monday, December 06, 2010

From Aotearoa to Greece – Fuck the police!

by Aotearoa Anarchist Black Cross December 5 2010 Athens Indymedia

Statement of Solidarity from the Aotearoa NZ Anarchist Black Cross in
relation to the violent attack on an activist from the United States
on the 15th of November 2010 at the anti-IMF demonstration in Athens,

1. We denounce the actions of the Greek police in this case, and in
particular the actions of Delta Force, whose brutal attack on the American
woman was decidedly intentional and dangerously close to lethal.

2. We stand in solidarity with the comrades in Greece and around the world
fighting the state, capital and all its repressive agents including the
IMF and World Bank.

3. We are in support of whatever means of revolt or resistance arises to
the police.

4. We demand an investigation into the incident.

5. We demand justice for our other Greek comrades, (including two dead in
the past two years, Alexis and Lambros) who are severely repressed and
beaten on a daily basis.

6. We seek an end to all prisons and freedom for all political prisoners.

More information, including photos of the injuries suffered, can be found
on Indybay (

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