Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Statement of Solidarity Web Link for Georgia prison strike

I am generally not big on petitions but I think that they serve a public
education purpose for the people who are asked to sign them. For those who
have followed the prisoners' strike in GA this is an important issue, and
for those who do litigation, it also serves to show the poverty of our legal
system when prison slavery is enshrined in the 13th amendment to the US
constitution. For those in power the notion of paying prisoners for their
labor is beyond the pale. (i.e.,
) yet no one in power has a problem with profiting
from prisoners' labor.

The statement below and the link to it has already received many signatures,
please add yours if you agree with the basic premise and forward it on to
others who may share similar values. I would like to think that opposing
slavery wouldn't be that radical in 2010, but apparently it is.

Paul Wright, Editor
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From: Bret Grote []
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 13:31
To: Bret Grote
Subject: Statement of Solidarity Web Link

fellow human rights defenders,

Thank you to all those who have followed the inspiring lead of the Georgia
prisoners responsible for the largest strike in U.S. history.

Please visit this link
( to view the current
signers of the Solidarity Statement, which is in essence a petition to the
people of this country to take concrete actions to build this movement. So
many people have been committed to this for years already, and because of
the bold and dignified stand taken in Georgia we have an opportunity build
on these efforts.

Please direct people on your lists to visit the link above to sign the
statement from now on. I had to create this site now because I am having
trouble keeping up with all the support that is pouring into my inbox from
around the country.

Also, I am attaching the updated word and pdf versions of the statement to
be broadcast online, sent in press releases, and mailed into jails and
prisons everywhere. The censors will get some, but they cannot keep them all

Let's all stay plugged in and support the strike in Georgia, along with one
another wherever we may be.


Bret Grote

Human Rights Coalition ( (


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