Thursday, December 16, 2010

Residents of Keratea, Attica continue their struggle with Riot police against the construction of a landfill for a sixth consecutive day

Dec. 16, 2010 Occupied London

As reported in a previous post, the residents of Keratea in Attica (around
10 miles south of Athens International Airport) have been involved in a
struggle and fierce clashes with riot police forces who have arrived in
the area to enforce the construction of a waste burial site that is
unwelcome by the locals. The riot police have defied a court order
temporarily halting the works.

Seven locals were arrested on Wednesday (15.12) while at least another six
had been arrested in the previous days. Those arrested yesterday have been
charged with two felonies and two misdemeanours; they are appearing at the
court in Athens tomorrow (17.12) where a solidarity gathering has been
called for.

More info as it comes.

Dec. 14, 2010 Occupied London

Third day of rioting in Keratea, Attica against waste burial site construction sees riot police van and policeman set alight; court orders temporary halt to the works; Greece counts hours to its seventh General Strike in 2010

Fierce battles between riot police and locals resisting the construction of a waste burial site have continued for a third consecutive day in the area of Keratea, Attica (around 10 miles south of Athens International Airport). This morning, a court ordered a temporary halt to the works. A small victory, which could however very easily be a smokescreen to calm down the insurgent locals and to allow the police to concentrate on the General Strike in central Athens on Wednesday.

At least six people in struggle were arrested by police in Keratea, of which one has been injured and is in hospital. More photos from Monday’s clashes here and here.

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