Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Asheville 11 / December 6th Plea Hearing Update

Asheville 11 Defense Committee Dec. 8, 2010

This is an update on the December 6th plea hearing.

It was snowing little flurries and ice was already on the ground as people
were told to line up outside of the courthouse. Once everyone was able to
find their seats the superior court calendar was called. Beside the cold
weather settling in Asheville, it seems that this is all beginning to feel
uncomfortably familiar for those being forced to attend.

This morning, the 6th of December, was a plea hearing for which each of
the defendants were to give a ‘not-guilty’ or ‘guilty’ plea. The main
outcome of this morning though was that all eleven defendants now have a
new trial date of January 24th. This date seems more likely rather than
the last date of the 17th but it is still not confirmed. As of now it is
unclear as to how many lawyers and defendants will be able to go to trial
that soon. It is best to assume that this could be a definitive trial
date. Any changes to that date will be updated on asheville

The District Attorney’s office has still to decide how they are going to
try everyone; individually, one big group, a few smaller groups. In
Buncombe county it is up to the discretion of the DA who is to go to trial
with who. Defendants are able to appeal if they are not pleased by what
was decided or who has been joined with one another. So, this could be a
trial date for some depending on how lawyers are deciding to handle their

This is all the legal updates we have currently so let’s move to more
pertinent devlopments. The defendants looked fabulous as usual! This time
though, they really rounded their styles out well. It was just right for
this appearance. It must be said that each of their outfits had.. a
certain avidity to them. We should all expect to be wowed more and more in
the coming months as they will only dress more fabulously.

Thank you all for your support! Please continue to defend the Asheville

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