Friday, May 07, 2010

Solidarity around the world with the revolt in Greece and all the prisoners

Found on Non Fides mardi 5 mai 2009

May 1st, Naples : Four banks ATM’s are attacked with color and hammer, in
solidarity with „Giannis Dimitrachis, Alfredo Bonnano, Christos
Stratigoupoulos. The ghost of liberty always comes back with a knife in
between his tooth“

April 28th, Prague : Molotovs thrown in the garden of the greek ambassy,
where a fire started. Dimitrakis name and a circled ‚A‘ are painted in the
entry. Press talks about a „similar arson“ in the greek ambassy in Bresil.

April 27th, London : Occupation of the Hellenic Center. Two banners are
hung on the roof, one on the balcony, with „Liberty for Dimitrakis and all
the anarchists“, „Honnor to Lambros Fountas- Liberty for the 6″,
„Fire to the prisons ! Liberty for Alfredo Bonanno and Christos
Stratigopoulos !“
[fire to the prisons indeed]

April 27th, Buenos Aires : Gathering in front of the greek ambassy. Five
comrades are arrested (one is hardly bitten at the head by the cops), and
their houses are searched. Press talks about a molotov thrown against the
ambassy. On April 29th, they are imprisoned for „damage, assault and
battery, attack, resistance to public authority“ and…“ abuse of
ideological power“.

April 26th, Rome : Three ATM of the San Paolo bank are sabotaged with
color and acide, and graffities are left “ Liberty for Dimitrakis“. The
claim ends with „Liberty for all the companions hostages of the greek
State- Fire to the prisons“

April 25th, Barcelone : In Gracia district, an ATM of the Caixa Catalunya
bank is put on fire. The claims adds : „Let the solidarity flammes spread
! Until they are reduced to ashes ! LIebrty for Giannis Dimitrakis !“

April 15th, Paris : Société Générale Bank attacked with color, a window
and an ATM are broken. Some graffities appeared : „Bim ! War to capital
!“. „War to property“ is left on a further estate agency in construction,
which one glass has been broken. In the claim : „With this action, we send
our solidarity to the companions in Greece and elsewhere, who fight
against domination, and all the forms it can have. Social war doesn‘t know
no truce, nor borders.“

March 30th, Brussels : Greek church gets red paint The Greek orthodox
Parish Sainte-Marina attacked ; the Oecumenic Patriarchy of
Constantinopel, patriarch of Belgium. Red paint re-covered, and a slogan
was left : „The state and the church kill and imprison.“

March 28th, Paris : Orthodoxe greek church doors are put in fire. The two
ATMs and all windows of the BNP bank on Bretagne street are broken : this
bank owns one of the biggest greek bank, Piraeus Bank. In the communiqué,
one could read : „Solidarity with all the hostages of the State (from the
bread thief to the bomber). Good luck to all who are on the run. Let’s
make deeper the crisis, here like anywhere else !“

March 18th, Brussels : BNP bank completly smashed. On the claim : „In
Greece like everywhere, that capital may die. Solidarity with the
anarchists taken hostage by the Greek state.“

March 15th, Brussels : Windows of Dexia bank broken. „Our thinking goes to
the anarchist Lambros Fountas, murdered by Greek police. Solidarity with
the permanent revolt shaking Greece.“

March 15th, Brussels : Two cars of Greek diplomats burned and claimed.

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