Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CALL TO ACTION ACROSS THE U.S. 7 year old murdered by police

call out for response on anarchistnews:

This is a call out to everyone nationally to make our voice heard.

On Sunday May 16th Police shot and killed 7 year old Aiyana Jones
while serving a search warrant at a house in Detroit, MI. When reading
the numerous articles it becomes pretty clear that the police are far
more concerned with clearing their name by saying that they went into
the home an had a scuffle with the girl's grandmother and a shot
accidentally went off. Then they say that they found the suspect in a
murder case almost as if it justifies the tragic killing of this
little girl.

This occured on tape as they were filming for the tv show The First
48. Attorney Geoffrey Fieger has seen the video and says it
contradicts the police report. The police are shown on the video
throwing a flash bang grenade into the house, which the grandmother
said put the little girl on fire, and shot a bullet in the house from
outside. The bullet struck Aiyana in the neck or the face (depending
which article you read) and she died. The police went into the home
and grabbed the girl's father, Charles Jones, and threw his face into
a pool of his own daughters blood. Charles Jones said he will never be
quite the same. Also take note, the attorney says, the police did
apprehend the suspect in the murder case, however it was not at this
house, it was at an upstairs apartment which they searched without a
warrant. The grandmother even went as far as to say that the shooting
was intentional.
[Attack an old lady from behind?]

This cannot be viewed as an isolated incident as the police seem to be
murdering on a daily basis. We need to get into our communities and
bring this to the attention of the people! We need to show that the
police act violently far more than violence is used on them. We need
to explain that the police have far more of a negative impact than
they do a positive one. TAKE THE STREETS! Just because this happened
in Detroit does not mean that it hasn't or won't happen in your
community. Isn't it slightly hard to believe that the grandmother was
fighting the police even after she had been temporarily conncussed
from the use of a flash bang. This behavior should outrage everyone
and bring fire to your hearts. We don't need these cops shooting us,
jailing us, or even enforcing laws that oppress us. March against
these police for using violence so regularly. March in solidarity with
this family who has had their joy taken from them by these violent
protectors of capital.

You know what to do! (A)

footage of family and attorney:

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