Thursday, May 06, 2010

An Alex sanchez Update

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- Judge Real has ordered the trial to begin October 19th, 2010
- A play inspired by Alex's life opens in NYC
- Somos Arizona

Dear John,

Last month the Homies Unidos Board of Directors affirmed their absolute belief in Alex's innocence by unanimously reinstating Alex as the organizations Executive Director. While Alex's detention posed a serious threat to health of Homies Unidos, the staff led by Mirna Solorzano, stepped up and kept the organization running through what were obviously difficult times.

Alex is now back at work and focusing Homies mission to bring peace to our communities.

Unfortunately, Alex still faces trial and your continued support is essential in winning his freedom and continuing his work towards a just society.

Judge Real has ordered the trial to begin October 19th, 2010.

The next hearing date is set for May 13th at 1:30 pm where the court will evaluate the qualifications of the government's expert, Officer Frank Flores.

In Peace & Justice

We Are Alex
John Jay College Resolution

Over 100 students, community members and leading researchers participated in a conference at John Jay College on Wednesday, April 7th titled:Fighting the Criminalization of Youth, Immigrants & Activists: Analyzing the Case of Alex Sanchez. The conference highlighted Alex's case and those of many social justice workers like him that face deportation and concluded with the signing of a resolution directed as U.S. Attorney General Holder, demanding that all charges against Alex be dropped.

"The conference was made possible through the collaboration between scholars, community organizers, and youth intervention workers from Los Angeles and New York. The conference was a testament to Alex's ability to use his life experiences to bring people from all walks of life together and to take action on issues of peace and social justice." said Dr. Alfonso Gonzales, as Assistant Professor at New York University.

De Novo Opens in NYC

The new play about gang involved youth, "De Novo," opens today in New York. Community activists are using this and other opportunities to call for justice for renowned anti-gang activist Alex Sanchez. The play follows the story of a young Guatemalan who faces deportation from the United States due a prior history of gang involvement. "Alex Sanchez was an adviser on the development of this play, which deals with a young man trying to condition out of gang life p work that Alex is passionately committed to - and takes a close look at the demonization of youth who have been involved with gangs," said Emily Weiner, Co-Artistic Director for Houses on the Moon, producers of the play, "De Novo."

"Alex's collaboration in the development of this play is just one example of his tireless efforts to expose the injustices many immigrants and young people of color face everyday in this country," emphasized Janis Rosheuvel, Executive Direcotr of Families for Freedom, a New York-based immigrant rights organization by and for immigrant families facing deportation.

"De Novo" opens Wednesday, April 28th at the 59E59 theater in New York City.
For tickets call 212-279-4200 or online at
Somos Arizona Tambien
INS Rally

We Are Alex urges everyone to stand with the people of Arizona against these Draconian policies that legislate racial profiling.

Learn more about the Alto Arizona campaign here.

And sign the - Shame on Arizona - petition here.

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