Monday, January 28, 2008

Writing from Maliki Shakur Latine, Political Prisoner

from nycabc[at]riseup[dot]net:

Maliki Shakur Latine

December 20, 2007

I am still maintaining my health and I am optimistic about being
released on parole during the summer of ’08 (Insha Allah). At which
time I look forward to being a valuable asset to the endeavors of
liberation and progress. I’ve been following the political and socio-
economic developments (or under-developments) occurring around the
country. And, I’ve been closely monitoring the “Presidential
Campaign” (with all its window-dressings and the usual clichés)
offered for public consumption. The younger generation have a
serious, huge and profound role to play in defining what the future
(if there is one) of this country is to be. Each generation is solely
responsible for the course and direction to be pursued in their
lives. They can readily choose, by virtue of their own “humanity,”
the course, direction and reality already “defined” for them by the
Plutocracy (as led and headed by the “Skull and Bones”) or they can
determine, for themselves, what the reality of the future is to be,
by virtue of what they know and truly believe to be right, just and
humane as dictated by their own heart-felt conscience—as opposed to
that of any u.s. government “Party,” who are more determined to serve
that of “class interest”—than any kind of just rights of the entire
citizenry! Let the people of the “Resistance” know my message to
them as expressed above. They can make a difference, no matter how
difficult the challenges may appear, its all but a passing but dark
cloud—soon the light shall appear with its radiance of achievement
and splendor! Truth shall prevail!

In Solidarity, Strength, and Unity!
Maliki Shakur

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