Friday, January 04, 2008

Matt Lamont's 2002 Case Thrown Out!

A major victory took place today for former political prisoner Matt Lamont. Matt received the news in court that his case has been thrown out- officially erasing his conviction.
Matt Lamont was arrested on April 20, 2002 accused of trying to blow up a white power show in La Habra, CA. He was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison. Since his release Matt has faced constant harassment by local police and federal agents- including imprisonment for parole violations, raids of his home and continued threats and harassment. As late as November, Matt was threatened by FBI agents to either provide information or face possible arrest for parole violation. He refused to cooperate despite not having any information regarding ‘criminal’ activities.
Last month, another case was thrown out because of the illegal manner in which the police searched the car. Because of the decision in this case, evidence against Matt was also thrown out. With no evidence against Matt, his conviction fell apart. Earlier this week Matt was released early from his parole- this was a good indicator that today’s court hearing was going to go in Matt’s favor.
Matt is extremely relieved about the decision and looks forward to the opportunities he now has by no longer having a criminal record. He has had hard time finding and keeping jobs with a criminal record and continued harassment by police and federal government. He no longer has to live under the shadow of this case.
Matt will soon be joining the Los Angeles chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation- working for the support of political prisoners- something he has a great deal of knowledge about. Thanks for everyone that has helped Matt during his on-going battle over the last six years. Without your support all this would not be possible. Matt’s victory is a victory to all of us in the Anarchist movement.
In Solidarity,
Matt H.
“The work is not done for the glory, but because we believe in Mutual Aid” – B. Yelensky

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