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German antifa activist jailed

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (9th of January 2008)

Dear friends

ELP has just learnt that a German antifa activist, Andrea Neff, has been jailed for four months for merely having pepperspray on her (something which is actually LEGAL in Germany!). She now faces additional prison time for breaching probation conditions imposed on her after she attended an anti-nazi rally with some eggs full of pepper.

Please send urgent letters of support to:

Andrea Neff, Bnr: 746/07/2

Justizvollzugsanstalt fur Frauen in Berlin

Arkonastrasse 56

13189 Berlin


Below is an activist media report on Andrea taken from

Berlin antifascist imprisoned (07/01/08)

Andrea was in a neighbourhood in southeast Berlin where a Neo-Nazi demonstration was taking place. On the 1st December 2007 the Munich local court sentenced her to 4 months without probation for having pepperspray on her person, which is usually legal. Following this sentence, she faced also the loss of a precedent probation of three months, when she was caught with some eggs full of pepper during an anti-fascist action on 1st of May 2005, in Berlin. During a trial on the 31st of July, under which several accusations against her got regrouped, she was sentenced to five more months more.

She has been accused of participating within an action of the "Uberflussigen" (an autonomous group active mainly on the theme of precarity) against the racist immigration office in Berlin-Lichtenberg; In October 2006, for a blockade attempt against a Neo-Nazi march in August 2006; For masking up during the protests against a Neo-Nazi demonstration towards the prison of Tegel in solidarity with Michael Regner "Lunikoff" (singer of a famous Neo-Nazi band, serving a couple of years in that prison), in October 2006. On top of this come two months without probation following a squatting acton in the Liebigstrasse, Berlin-Friedrichshain. Altogether she will be spending the next 14 months behind bars. After one and half weeks in Lichtenberg prison, Andrea was transferred by surprise on the 11th to the prison of Pankow. Through this she lost a visit she had already applied for, and now she had to apply again for all the usual things like mail, exercise, visits..

Andrea Neff, Bnr: 746/07/2, Justizvollzugsanstalt fur Frauen in Berlin, Arkonastrasse 56, 13189 Berlin, Germany

For donations:

Rote Hilfe e.V.
Kontonummer: 7189590600
BLZ: 100 200 00 Berliner Bank
Verwendungszweck: Soli Andrea

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