Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moscow Anarchist Black Cross is reorganised

Sat, 12 Jan 2008

After almost three years of prisoner support activity by various concerned
individuals only, Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow was finally reorganised as a
functioning group last summer, as criminal persecutions against anarchists in
Russia reached their highest level in years. Previous concepts of collective
membership of existing anarchist groups proved itself not capable of
initiative, thus new group consists of individuals only, and is completely
independent of any existing anarchist groups (although our webpage is still
hosted by Autonomous Action).

Our focus of activities remains the same as
focus of the group that existed 3 years ago - we focus on support of anarchist
and anti-authoritarian prisoners, we translate informations about repressions
worldwide to Russian and from Russian language, we encourage people to write
letters of solidarity, we raise funds for legal costs by various
means, we also
have an an idea to publish our own zine. We have already organised solidarity
for anarchist class war prisoner Pavel Delidon, for St .Petersburg anarchists
whom state attempted to frame up for bombing "Nevskiy Express" train
with other
Moscow anarchists.

Our contact (please update, if you published our old contact anywhere!):

P.O. Box 13

109028 Moscow Russia

(please do not write name of the group to envelope!)


e-mail: abc-msk (at) riseup (dt) net (PGP key available at

WebMoney (

US$: ---- Z260630952047
Russian ruble: ---- R321197368781
Euro: ---- E311886845482
Ukrainian hryvnias: ---- U237258703810
Belarussian ruble: ---- B477420859355

Below is our introductory text - it is mostly the same as that of the
previous group.

About Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow

After heated years 1905-1907 thousands of anarchists and socialists were
sent to labour camps and exile, first groups of Anarchist Black Cross (until
1919 called Anarchist Red Cross) were founded 1906 to support them.
Organisation became international the next year already, when a group was
set up in London. Although contact with anarchist political prisoners of the
Soviet Union was lost in 1930's, international organisation has continued
its activity in various forms ever since.

Russian anarchist movement newborn in 1980's was immediately targeted with
repressions, and during the following 15 years several successful and
unsuccessful campaigns against repression were organised. But during first
years of the 21st century these initiatives disappeared completely from
Moscow, and in summer of 2003 it was decided to refound Moscow group of ABC,
since still no-one is protecting anarchists against repressions except
anarchists themselves.

We support all anti-authoritarians, who are persecuted due to their
political activities or acts which do not contradict ideal of anarchism. And
whenever possible, we support also prisoners who became anti-authoritarians
during their sentences, so-called "social prisoners" who were forced to
break laws for subsistence or in fight against despotism of the ruling
class, and prisoners who fight against the prison-industrial complex from
inside. As anarchists we are against all prisons. We believe in direct
action for destruction of the capitalism and the state. We are not a human
rights organisation, since our goal is not defence of the laws but their
destruction. In some cases we may support prisoner for purely humanitarian

Most elementary form of help is writing to prisoners, since the main goal of
power is to isolate our comrades from the movement. We are publishing list
of addresses of the political prisoners, so that anyone could send letters
of support. We also have a support fund, which helps with legal costs and
supports prisoners materially, fund also finances literature to prisoners,
such as journals Avtonom and Pryamoe Deystvie which we send for free to all
those prisoners in the former Soviet Union upon request, who are not enemies
of the anarchist movement. We try to react quickly against all repressions
against authoritarians all around the world, and we are connected to Black
Cross groups all around the world. We are not only reacting against most
outrageous acts against our freedom, we also distribute information on
alternatives of the prisons, cops and electronic surveillance of the
everyday life. We also try to prevent repression, this is why we distribute
information about behaviour in interrogations, during arrests and other
similar situations among the revolutionary movement.

Moscow group of Anarchist Black Cross is a structure independent from all
other anarchist groups, it is organised by people who do not feel
indifferent about repressed anarchists. We invite anyone to support and to
participate to our work - most elementary form of support is to write to
prisoners and to distribute our materials. It would be even better if you
could participate to our projects, or to set up your own Black Cross group
in your area - for that you need only thirst of equality and solidarity.


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