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Message from Ramon Labañino Salazar

December 25, 2007


Message received . . .

Brothers and Sisters:

Ramón finds himself subjected to further punishing conditions since las December 11th and for this reason he has not been able to send all the letters and greetings for the new year to his friends around the world. In a very brief 5 minute telephone conversation this morning, December 20, he asked me to send this message to all the sisters and brothers that do so much to promote the cause of the Cuban 5 and to achieve genuine justice in this case. It is because of this that I hastily prepared this message in his name and our family’s, full of the love that inspires us to continue to struggle for the freedom of our family members. Also receive on behalf of our daughters a warm greeting and the wishes that you have a merry Christmas and that you have a prosperous new year 2008.

Elizabeth Palmeiro Casado.

Mensaje de Ramón Labañino Salazar

Message from Ramón Labañino Salazar

Dear Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World:

We are now nearing the celebrations for Christmas and the 2008 new year and we want to send you our greetings accompanied with all the gratitude and affection for the support you’ve shown to this cause which united us: The solidarity with Cuba and the freedom of the five.

At this time we always reflect on the things we have done and have to do, and, it is for this reason that upon remembering all the activities that have been realized during this year 2007 with purpose of gaining more solidarity with our cause, that we are filled with strength and more optimism in the certainty of our victory.

It doesn’t matter how long this cruelty continues, that victory will be ours and because of this we will continue to struggle alongside all of you to bring an end to the false morality of the empire that says it struggles against terrorism and yet keeps us imprisoned not recognizing the history of terrorist attacks against the people of Cuba.

From Argentina to Canada and the United States, throughout Central America and the Caribbean, from the other side of the Atlantic, from Spain to Vietnam and Australia, in the African Continent, in every corner of the planet, the voice of justice has been heard demanding our freedom. Your letters inform us every day about all the actions, events, and demonstrations of solidarity. Always count on us to be there for every just cause, soon we will join all of you.

Thank you brothers and sisters for letting us know that we can always count on you to bring an end to so much injustice. Injustice that for more than 10 years has kept us away from our loved ones and our beloved homeland.

For Cubans these celebrations are also accompanied by those that he hola for yet another anniversary of the revolution that returned our dignity and freedom to us. Dignity and freedom that today many peoples of our continent struggle for.

Long live the 49 anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution!

Until Victory Always!



DIC. 20, 2007


They come to ask me to surrender

to betray my country and my ideals

they even offer jewels and beautiful things

and riches and limitless money that I would have.

They come to tell me to betray

that there is no reason to struggle

that lacking love and emotions

without principles

is indeed an infertile valley.

Stubborn, Insolent and Infamous

they do not know the fidelity to ideals

and that I would prefer to die in combat with them

how rich to live among the infamous.

I will live and struggle among our people

and will leave betrayal and treason to the cowards.

Ramón Labañino Salazar

“ . . . the matters that we presenting provide us at this time the biggest of our opportunities to free the Five. This is a critical moment and it is very important that the network of support is aware and actively involved in the case.” Leonard Weinglas, northamerican lead defense lawyer.

www.antiterroristas.cu , www.amigosdecuba.com.ar , www.libertadaloscinco.org

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